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Achtung.svg This is the collaboration page for Ginnungaoyar / Islas Ballenas. For the nation's wiki page, see Ginnungaoyar.

Ginnungaoyar is a collaborative purple territory located in southern Antarephia. It is collaborative project organised by Liadrien and based upon the Faroe Islands using a mixture of Faroese and Spanish all within a cold climate.

The plan of the territory looks as follows, with some changes likely to occur:

Plan of Islas Ballenas.png

The collaboration project stands out by not having administrative divisions separating the mappers of the territory. Instead, the project is based on roles, to some extent similar to what a municipality would employ where mappers specialise in a field such as:

  • Nature
  • Inner city infrastructure
  • Inter city Infrastructure
  • Housing and parks
  • Industry and institutions
  • Naming

This is mostly as an experiment to see whether a larger degree of uniformity throughout a territory can be achieved rather than the normal way of hosting a collaboration. If you are interested in joining, please send Liadrien a message on OGF with your desired role as well as some of your previous mapping of this type. You must have access to discord, as that is how we are currently structuring the collaboration.

Current members include:

iiEarth, Huachachi, JoJoBa, KAB, newnw, Liadrien and 2amCereal.