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This page is a guide to the "best of OpenGeofiction."

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In-world honors

  • AN World Monuments (places of outstanding natural beauty and/or cultural significance)
  • Geolympiad Host Cities (the OpenGeofiction community chooses host cities that reflect outstanding map and wiki content)

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Ultimately difficult, but I believe Troie by tparigo is the gold standard for urban mapping and inspires me a lot.

Chara terrain map.png
The topographical map of Suria is amazing and inspired me to make mine for Pretany, excited to see more by Danny11. (who is also my neighbor)
One of the newest articles to the Wiki, and my absolute favorite to read, really highlights the damage done to Commonia over the decades, also has an amazing map to match: (Favorite Places Coming Soon)

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Østermark is barely drawn but it is already one of my favorite countries in OGF. Its capital, Mynninghamn, is so detailed and beautiful! The entire coast of the country is carefully mapped by Demuth, certainly one of the most well-drawn areas I've ever seen! I only wish I could draw maps like those someday!

Originally created by isleño to be used in the OFG News blog, I felt I had to bring to the Neo Delta wiki article to illustrate the recent incident involving Neo Delta, Suvuma and Goytakanya. It shows Suvumese citzens burning down Neo Deltan flags after the last recognized Goytakanya as an independent country. isleño is an artist!
The first complete and detailed wiki article I read and inspired me to this day:
  • Rasmus Rasmusson's Řots - I really adore the culture and the history Rasmus Rasmusson created for his country and I trully believe it is one of the most complete accounts in the OGF world.
It is impossible not to mention the work done in some incredible countries, such as Ardisphere, Khaiwoon and most recently the work done by Canclaret.

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This detail from of some of the islands of Shadze-Ma is typical of mapping by Udilugbuldigu: The map is extremely evocative, telling a story in its mapping (that the wiki expands on), and Udi is definitely my favorite of the few non-road focused mappers, working hard to put in detail that shows so much else. Zoom in to the round island in the upper middle right and see the statue of the Pointing Man!

The first graphic to blow me away in the wiki was the Khaiwoon Metro map by Isleño. The attention to detail is marvelous, inspired me to make some of my own (much, much simpler) metro maps for Wiwaxia.
It's almost impossible again to choose a favorite wiki article, so I'll just name: So many favorites that I haven't named here: Kalm, Ardisphere, Latina, Lechia, Karolia, Neo Delta, Khaiwoon and a shout-out to my neighbors whom I've collaborated with, some more and some less: Ataraxia, Pasundan-Padjadjaran and Nucia.
histor will follow - let me see the last mapping-evolution
  from the OGF-starting Leluwa [[1]] from Isleño
Bruno Moreiras (BMSOUZA) basic artwork for football - and
the 100 star note of Paxtar
Khaiwoon - what else? (by Isleño)

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I like mapping that's expansive and detailed enough to feel real, while expressing interesting themes and flavors. Mapping in the Ardisphere by Luciano.
More mapping I like:
Ugglan by Demuth
Rumpgaard by Histor
Linna shirt back Saevoo.jpeg
I'm impressed by images that bring the OGF world to life and make it feel real. Sometimes it's done with amazing digital artwork. Sometimes it's done with clever photo editing. Sometimes it's done by actually creating objects in real life, like this shirt by Sarepava.
More images I like:
Vilaloren wine by Paxtar
Buses in Rugenia by BMSOUZA
My favorite articles are those that have lots of images and tell a really intriguing story:

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The absolute standard for compelling and realistic mapping both at low zooms and high zooms, is work by Waa in the country of Lechia.
Other mapping I like:
Darsons, in Commonia, by Joschi81
Goytakanya, by BMSOUZA
Mariana map detail 1580.PNG
I envy the ability some users have to create realistic "old" maps, like this one of Mariana by Brunanter
The absolute king of articles for me remains the one that so impressed me when I first came to OGF For more of my thoughts, check out my bliki or my many diary entries.

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Gobrassanya is a superb example of user collaboration and features both realistic countryside and a highly detailed large city. The Cariocas islands, Pyingshum, Dunwic, Goytakanya, Tarott, Slovech and Zylanda are also worthy of mention.
W39-Air-Karolia.jpg Not only a fantastically detailed image that entailed building a 3D model and 'skin', but Paxtar collaborated closely with me on the exact design and went through several revisions before it was perfect. The other Watanabe aircraft renders are equally impressive. A particularly memorable article was the OGF_2014_World_Cup, which brings to life the excitement of a real sporting tournament and has some entertaining commentary on the matches. Many users have created realistic and beautiful currency, and some fantastic edits of real photos by people such as isleno and Luciano.

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Hard to chose one -but Wesmandy's historic landuse by Pawl just carries it for me - I always look forward to going and having a look at something different. I hope it keeps getting added to.

AN peacekeeper.jpg
Great image of the AN peacekeeper in Commonia by isleño.
Some articles really make you think - and get under your skin. This is my favorite of those: There's a list of some of my favourite places in OGF on my user page