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Achtung.svg Routing and Nominatim services for the OGF map were provided by user martinum4, who is no longer active. So although these features may continue to work in limited ways, they are not fully functional. The admin team would like to restore or replace them when we can, but this will necessitate finding someone to take charge of the project. If you have the resources, expertise, and willingness to restore and run these services, please contact admin.

This is a quick and dirty FAQ regarding the Nominatim Server i (Martinum4) set up.

For end users it is implemented at the OGF-Mainpage via the search function in the upper left corner.

If you want to develop your own Application based on it, the base URL is http://nominatim.opengeofiction.net:8080 (This may be subject to change, but i'll redirect the port via a firewall rule then.) This page will be expanded with more information soon, if you have more questions, just write them on the Talk:OGF:Nominatim page.

Usage policy

To provide this service as efficient as possible, i think it's a good idea to apply the [[1]] to this one too. Obviously i can't guarantee that the service will be available all the time, but i try to aim for an uptime as close to 100% as possible.


Although there weren't any questions by anyone so far, i decided to write something anyway ;)

Q: What is Nominatim?

A: It let's you find things by name so that you don't have to remember where you placed something and instead type in the features name in a search field and a computer guides you to the correct coordinates. Nominatim also provides reverse geocoding, this means you click on a map and the Nominatim-Server tells the client in what housenumber, street, suburb, city, county, provence and country the requested coordinates are, see [[2]] as an example.

Q: How do i see when it was last updated?

A: At http://nominatim.opengeofiction.net:8080 at the top, in the middle.

Q: Where do i find out more details about a place?

A: At http://nominatim.opengeofiction.net:8080, there is a search bar too, if you search for something and click on it, a detailed information page appears.

Q: My stuff is located in the wrong administrative Entry

A1: This is due to the fact that nominatim computes a median point for every object it indexes. For example, if you have a Street that goes through multiple Cities without being divided into multiple segments, nominatim will usually associated it with the "middle" city. The solution is to divide the street at every administrative boundary.
A2: For suburbs (and other small things like villages/hamlets) Nominatim will sometimes ignore the next higher admin-level (usually city/municipality) and associate it directly with the county. In that case, it is recommended to tag is_in=* to the correspondending relation, usually the is_in:city=* to the relation of the suburb/village/hamlet is enough. For more information on this, head over to the [[3]]

Q: My stuff shows up in a real world country

A: this happens because your country's border is faulty, check the [[4]] for errors. Also if you decide to not only tag things via relations, but also as nodes, make sure to include the Nodes as "label" in the relation. Main reason for this is the nominatim-sided hardcoding of what country uses which language, if it doesn't find a country it falls back to defaults (which will be changed in the future).

Q: I edited something, the server should have processed the information according to the "Data last updated:"-Information

A: This can happen sometimes, just upload a newer version of the object in question by e.g. moving nodes a little bit.

Q: What names can nominatim handle?

A: It handles all name and name:* tags, it also finds non-latin characters, for example look at http://opengeofiction.net/search?query=ᑳᓪᑏ