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This page is a list of photo resources of special interest to OpenGeofiction users.

Photo collections of OGF users

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User: Collection Link Samples Types of images License
(will be considered CC-BY-NC-SA unless a more permissive license is specified)
CharlieG's public domain pics
[1] [2] [3] [4] MMziDGGh.jpg Pennsylvania, California, the Mid-Atlantic, New England. Photos collected over a course of 2 years. Taken using OnePlus 6. There are some people in these photos, treat them like stock footage people. :)
BMSOUZA some pics
Google Photos BMSOUZA sample.png Landscapes, buses (Brasil - mainly Rio de Janeiro city and state) Feel free to remove some brand logos, license plates, maybe some famous places, hehe
Isleño's photos
Flickr IsleñoSamples.png tropical/subtropical plants, beaches, water, sunshine, interesting buildings CC0 images are low-res (640x480) to make signage, etc, unreadable

12 photos only, just to serve as an example
Niels20020's photos
Flickr no samples yet (coming soon) Buildings, landscapes, Europe CC-BY Account was previously used for OGF updates
Sarepava's photos
Google Photos Sarepava sample photos feel free to replace this image.jpg Landscapes, architecture, UK, Europe and some Hong Kong. A few small flags visible.
Stjur's photos
Flickr Stjur sample.png Architectural photography CC-BY More than 1,000 photographs, mostly taken in European cities. There could definitely be small flags, real world brand names or other rather difficult to detect references to the real world in some of them, which can be removed by users.
Zhen Kang:
Zhen Kang's photos
[5] ZhenkangImageSamples.jpg Railways and subway stations (mainly of Singapore's) Please change the name(s) of the stations. Most of the pictures will feature station names, but they are removable by users.
Collection name
Photo site name File:YourSampleImage.jpg Description

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Other places to find photos

  • Wikipedia - all images on Wikipedia should have their copyright information clearly listed so it is clear to see what can be used on OGF wiki
  • Geograph - a project to photograph every grid square of the UK and Ireland - all images are CC licensed.
  • Pixabay - a resource for free use images online.
  • Google Images - you can use the image search tools to filter by reuse license