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Rules for sea borders

Users who want sea borders should draw them 22 km from shore.
Note the optional exceptions for island nations, and for bays which are mostly enclosed. (See also: How to create sea borders.)
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Rules for island building

OGF has some rules for creating coastal and oceanic islands.

Without these rules, our world would eventually get pretty crowded... →→→

So therefore user-created islands should respect two basic principles:

1.) Islands should be within 100 km of your mainland coastline, and

2.) Islands should be reasonably small (use your judgement).

Of course larger islands and more distant islands do exist in OGF, but in order to control their number they are normally created by the admin team only.

If you add islands, remember to adjust your 22 km maritime boundary (if you have one). Coordinate with your neighbors to create a natural looking environment across borders.

Study real world maps to mimic islands realistically.

Please create your own original islands, instead of copying land from Earth.
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Do not build islands over shipping lines. (Sometimes shipping lines may not show in your map editor. Check the OGF map after making any islands to be sure no shipping has been affected.) And if you are developing an island country, please do not "fatten" your island to gain more land area. If you would like more territory, then please contact admin to select a bigger territory.
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Rules for shipping lines

Achtung.svg Long distance shipping lines are recommended for advanced users only. For more detailed advice, see OGF:Shipping lines.
Shipping lines require the permission of users at both ends. Do not delete or edit others' shipping lines. Shipping lines shouldn't have unnecessary detours or sharp angles. They should be reasonably straight and bend in wide curves when turning. Shipping lines should leave ample room when rounding capes. They should not cross over islands or tidal land.
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Shipping lines serving the same point should not cross. The curves of shipping lines should be smooth, not jagged. Do not create islands in the sea to serve as "stopping points" for your ships.
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See also

For information about sea boundaries in the real world: Territorial waters