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Unofficial collaboratives are countries which have been declared collaborative by their owners, but are not marked as such on the overview map or included on the official list of collaborative projects. Technically speaking, they are no different from other private territories; so it's a good idea to be cautious about investing time and effort in such a territory, unless you know and trust the owner and share a common vision of collaboration.

For an unofficial collaborative to become official, certain requirements must be met. For details see "Requirements to become an official collaborative" below.

Unofficial collaboratives

Country name
& wiki page
Owner Permission to edit? Description Map
Elhadia flag.png Elhadia Sarepava Emb-yellow.png
Contact Sarepava
Elhadia is amongst the world poorest countries, and is located near the equator in mid-Archanta. The country is mostly desert, with a moderate amount of jungle and sahal near the coast. It is a former Karolian colony and is still emerging from a period of dictatorship and civil war. The country's economy is heavily reliant on the mining and export of minerals and metal ores, and most people live from subsistence farming. [1]
Esthyra flag.svg Esthyra austinhuang Emb-yellow.png
Contact austinhuang
See Esthyra/Rules of International Cooperation#Mapping in Esthyra [2]
SuvumaFlag.png Suvuma Isleño Emb-red.png
Still in planning phase.
More info about this troubled developing country will be coming soon from User:Isleño. map

Please keep list in alphabetical order.

Requirements to become an official collaborative

In a community of limited size, there's only a limited amount of collaborative 'energy' available. So if there are too many projects advertised as collaborative, then that energy may be dispersed to such an extent that most such countries are simply inactive, and true collaborative experiences (multiple active users working closely together) can become hard to find.

Therefore, although anyone may unilaterally declare their country to be ‘collaborative’ and invite others to map there; only a limited number of collaboratives will be recognized as official, i.e. marked purple on the overview map and territory list, and included in the official collaboration directory.

Official collaborations must:

  • have a basic wiki article that describes the country for collaborators to understand;
  • have a wiki talk page for collaboration;
  • have an owner or coordinator who is actively engaged in the project; and
  • receive approval from the admin team.

Please note that even if the first three points are fully satisfied, the admin team may still decline to make the collaborative official.

Official collaborations are not meant for:

  • inactive users trying to get help from active users;
  • users trying to get help when they’ve chosen a country too big to handle;
  • other overwhelmed users trying to get help;
  • lazy users trying to maintain control of a country without having to map very much;
  • absent users putting a country ‘on hold’ while they take a break; or
  • users trying to avoid responsibility for a country when they don’t want to map it anymore.

Interested parties may contact admin to discuss making an unofficial collaborative official.

Official collaboratives

See OGF:List of collaborative projects