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Organisation of Independent Oceanic Islands
1987 Flag
Largest cityNot known
Official languagesIngerish, Köpā, Shenavroon, Utz
 • Regional languages7 recognised languages; 4 dialects
DemonymAsperic Ocean Islander
GovernmentPolitico-economic Union
 • Judicial AppointeeZjayto Arandambe
LegislatureJudicial Council
 • Totalc1500 km2
 • Estimatec130,000
CurrencyĒkaŏyū (Ē), SMS$
Drives on thevaries by region
Internet TLD.oi .sm .ud .ti

The Organisation of Independent Oceanic Islands (OIOI) is a politico-economic union of 9 member states that are located primarily in the Asperic Ocean. These states are small, widely separated island territories. Its constituent territories are shown in the table below.

Country Wiki Micronation? Population Census Date Land Area km2 OIOI Membership

Udenarrat flag.png Ūdzđąnąrąt Udzdanarat No 100000 2003 1003 No
Uratybara.png Ūl e Ūrątybara Uratybara No 23728 2011 14.9 Full
28px Cu Meniscu Cu Meniscu No 9999 2018 TBD Full
Egdo.png ߘߐߙߋߘߐ Doredo Islands No 45432 2011 2800 Full
Keze flag.png ꘃꕶ ߞߋߦߋߔߏߟߊߣ Kezepolan No 305239 2011 465.7 No
28px ߔߍߕߏ-߹ߞߌߞߊߟߊ ߞߐߦߐߗߊ߫ Xek Republic No 1100000 2016 TBD Observer
Tapi Ra.png ޓަޕި ޜަ Tapi Ra No 7763 2015 4 Full
Shadze-Ma Flag.png Shadze-Ma Shadze-Ma No 117255 2011 203 Full
28px ߦߕ ߔߊߜ Pag Yes 1 2017 0.04 Associate
Orbis-T.png Orbis Tertius Orbis Tertius Yes 484 2017 0.01 Full
Dulan flag.png Dulan Dulan Yes 475 2011 4.5 Partial
Kanedo flag new.png Kanedo Kanedo Yes 521 2011 4.9 Full
28px Xaxsha Karg North Karg Yes 16111 2011 2.7 Partial
28px Hesperis Mount Holy Yes 121 2017 0.2 Full
28px ߞߊ߹ߕߙߣ ߔ߮ߙߊߣ Jamske Wendar Yes 101 2011 0.3 FullPartial
28px Jamske Wendar Kingdom of Az No 1117000 2011 10000 Full
28px ߣߤ Maug-Sihou No 99000 2011 400 Full
[[File:|28px|border]] Maug-Sihou [[]]

Some of these territories are usually considered 'micro-nations'.

The de facto capital is Yshon in Shadze-Ma. The administrative headquarters are located in offices in (TBD) due to the small size and remoteness of the island territories. The Organisation deals with international trade for the federated islands and with international relations for some of the smaller members. all memebers are otherwise autonomous.

One of OIOI's main aims is to connect all member states with broadband internet. As of 2019, most of the islands are connected.