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6, -35.635, 35.804
Trāspotanyon son Oheme̊ (oa)
FlagCoat of arms
"Vandôt Solupsiem"
Land Of The Proud
Oe' Oheymia, Zharvat e Solupsion
Largest cityCorrostance
Official languagesOhemian
 • National languagesKorsat, Tagaratian
 • Regional languagesMorybrion, Leteshanan, etc...
NationalitiesOhemian (88%) , Other (7%), Anastarian (3%), Paxtaren (2%)
DemonymOhemian, Oheman
 • Ynya Normodes II
 • PresidentKallinger Samsadykaron
LegislatureOhemian Congress
 • Upper houseCoyatarnov
 • Lower houseSampidoun
 • Total331,572.74 km2
 • Water (%)~ 1%
 • Estimate (2015)23,140,000
HDI (2017)Increase 0.895
very high
Timezone+ 2
CurrencyOhemian Kod (OHK)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.OA

The Naedimir Respublik Dn' Ohemey Ener Ta Protecterant, or more commonly known as Ohemia, is a Federal Parlimentary Republic in the central western coast of Antarephia. Ohemia has a land Area of about 331572.74 km², and it's Capital City is Corrostance which is in the centre of the Nation. The Nation's other major centres include Soprasser, Hoktanop and Stoyobotsa, to the south-west. Paxtar is bordered to the South-East between the Paxtar-Paxtar Chain, and to the North-west, the Vordum Sea is the only large body of water that Ohemia has access to, due to it's landlocked position.



Tribes and Kingdoms

Humans originally inhabited the North part of Ohemia, which is now today known as "Samandy". Gradually, the Tribes settled down south and separated linguistically such as the targaratians and the hartsaners. Only the very south of the country was held by an indigenous tribe called the Nonish, often described by older sources as "unique" and "cultured".

Samandic Ohemia

Government and Politics

Constituent Subjects

Ohemia is a federal nation with x states or referred to as Plishtons (Plištoni in Ohemian). It also has

Internal Unincorporated Subjects

Flag CoA / Seal  ?????????? (Republic) Reference Region Capital Largest city Area Population Density  % of Ohemian GDP
Costantirut Flag.png Costantirut Coat of Arms.png Costantirut (Costantirut) RoC Harlakyl (Hārlakīl) Kolondat (Colondat) Unknown Subject to Change 450,000 Unknown 1%
Nasany-Targarat Flag.png Nasany-Targarat Coat of Arms.png Narsany-Targarat (Nārsane̊-Tārgārat) RoNS XX Unknown Unknown Subject to Change 450,000 Unknown 1%

Internal Incorporated Subjects

Flag CoA / Seal Traspotāngārəd (Federal City) Reference Region Area Population Density  % of Ohemian GDP
Corrostance City Flag.png Corrostance City Coat of Arms.png Corrostance (Corostāns) CS Greater Samandy (??????????) Subject to Change xxxxx Unknown 35%
Empty.png Empty.png Soprasser (Soprasa) SP Greater Samandy (??????????) Subject to Change 1,100,000 Unknown 1%
Empty.png Empty.png Scintopol (Sīntopol) ST (No Region) Subject to Change 96,000 Unknown <1%

Flag CoA / Seal Plišton (State) Reference Region Capital City Largest City Area Population Density  % of Ohemian GDP
Samandy Flag.png Samandy Seal.png Samandy (Samande̊ / Samandæ) SM Greater Samandy (??????????) Gundamillian (Gāndāmilian) Unknown Subject to Change 12,490,000 Unknown 35%
Lavaransy Flag.png Lavaransy Coat of Arms.png Lavaransy (Lavāranse̊) LV Greater Samandy (??????????) Unknown Unknown Subject to Change 1,100,900 Unknown 4%
Tassauny Flag.png Tassauny Coat of Arms.png Tassauny (Tasône̊) TS Greater Samandy (??????????) Unknown Unknown Subject to Change 700,000 Unknown 2%
Empty.png Empty.png x XX XX Unknown Unknown Subject to Change x Unknown x%
Empty.png Empty.png x XX XX Unknown Unknown Subject to Change x Unknown x%
Empty.png Empty.png x XX XX Unknown Unknown Subject to Change x Unknown x%
Severastion Flag.png Severastion Coat of Arms.png Severastion (Sevərastion) SV Harlakyl (Hārlakīl) Unknown Unknown Subject to Change 900,000 Unknown 2%
Empty.png Empty.png x XX Unknown Unknown Subject to Change x XX XX Unknown
Sasistuant Flag.png Sasistuant Coat of Arms.png Sasistuant (Sasistuānt) SS Harlakyl (Hārlakīl) Stoyobotsa Subject to Change 4,400,000 Unknown 8%
Lasarne Flag.png Lasarne Seal.png Lasarne (Lazārn) LZ XX xx Subject to Change xx Unknown 5%
Total (Ohemia) Corrostance (Corostāns) Corrostance  ? 45,600,000  ? 100%

External Subjects

Flag CoA / Seal Haptor (Area) Type Reference Region Capital Area Population Density
Nastira Flag.png Nastira Seal.png Nastira (Nāstira) Territory OA-450 Sessenarian Sea (??????????)

Political divisions

Parties and elections

Foreign relations

Ohemia has well established Foreign relations. It has a Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies (EUOIAn) embassy designated in Corrostance which also acts as embassies of nations residing in East Uletha. However, Ohemia has not yet joined the Assembly of Nations.

Ohemian Embassies Overseas

Ohemia holds many International relations with nations close or even overseas. Here are the nations and the locations of the embassies that Ohemia holds overseas:

Government finance


Current Issues








Tourism and Entertainment

Ohemia Holds many Tourist attractions for people to see, ranging from the North-East (Vordum Sea) to the South-West (Idinamut)


Currently, Ohemia uses the Kod as its primary form of currency, which is also used in Tranaston and rarely across Ohemia's Neighbours.



Ohemia has a total of

State, Province Or Territory Capital Area
Population (2015) State & Province Ranking (2019) Republic?
Samandy Hoktanop unknown tbd 1 no
Corrostance Fedaylacent Corrostance unknown tbd 2 no
Nandakyre ... unknown tbd 10 no
Poznalukon Iykarusty unknown tbd 4 no
Tatany ... unknown tbd 8 no
Severastrion Kolondat unknown tbd 7 no
Armany Kroum unknown tbd 11 yes
Sasistuant Stoyobotsa unknown tbd 3 no
Costantirut Kontasaname unknown tbd 6 yes
Lasarne ... unknown tbd 9 no
Narsany-Targarat ... unknown tbd 5 yes
Scintopole Exclave Scintopole, ... unknown tbd N/A no, but constitutes under The Republic Of Narsany-Targarat
Escete (Territory) Ornady, Hoktanop unknown tbd N/A no, but constitutes under Samandy



Ohemian is the official language of Ohemia, though there are some dialects and even different scripts used

Ethnic Groups

Current Ohemian Ethnic Groups (Where most reside)

There are some diverse ethnic groups in Ohemia, with the second most populous ethnicity being the Tagaratians to the South-East of Ohemia. There have been migrations from the south, that being the Paxtarens, the indigenous Nonish, and the Montranese. There have also been a substantial group of ethnicities migrated from long-distances such as Lechia and Ingerland (Some migrated from Woolonia).

The Main Group of Ohemians can be specifically divided up into three main subgroups: General Ohemians, Morybrians and Hartsaners. Ohemian Morybrians have a slight difference in language, through other influences, however their Halogroups remain almost-identical to that of an Ohemian. The Hartsaner Ohemians, which originally reside in Sasistuant, have a slight difference in language, as they have more Gaermanic influences.


Ohemian Tradition

While the Ohemian Tradition is not considered to be more of a Cultural convention rather than a Faith, many people around Ohemia Celebrate rituals such as...

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