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z=9, -26.5013, 146.0971
South Archantan Republic Of Oketia
The flag of Oketia
"Nature, shine, infrastructure"
Sunny Oketian land
and largest city
Official languagesIngerish
Ethnic GroupsNative 4%, Hopponese 66%, Ingrish 20%, Other 10%
 • PresidentMichael Johnson
 • Vice PresidentToyotomi Suzuki
 • Estimate23,000,000(as of 2016)
 • Density2193/km2
GDP (nominal)2016
 • Total$312 Billion
HDI (2020)Increase 0.76
CurrencyOketian Dollar (OKD)
Drives on theLeft
Internet TLD.de

Oketia, (Hopponese: おけちや、Okechiya) officially the South Archantan Republic of Oketia, is a small nation in South Archanta. It shares land borders with Mecyna to the North-West. The White Sea, accessible via the Mecynian Gulf, to the west of Oketia and is the only ocean on the coast of the nation. The country is known for its rich history and scenery. The land was originally inhabited by many different people.


Some explorers recovered cave runes located near Akeboshi that were found out to be from ~2000 BCE. The creator of the runes are thought to be the origin of the native Oketian people. There were no other signs of people found in this cave. The native people roamed the lands of Oketia for many years, and they negotiated with Mecynan Natives to form a straight border. The borders still remain the same today. In 1337, ships from Ingerland and Hoppon started landing. The ships got welcomed by the natives and they were offered homes. Later, it was decided that the nation elects a president and it will not be discriminative.

By 1403, Ingerland had colonised most of the South Archanta area, and decided to get the natives to vote for colonisation with benefits for the infrastructure of the land. The Ingerland government built infrastructure and decided to partner with the Hoppon government to create horse paths and stables. These outposts were made to make it much more useful to travel to Ryota, which was housing for many of the miners who migrated every summer. Prior to this, the miners would stop at Valimea, a rest stop on the unclear path, with tents being set up in different locations. By 1577 the horse stables and paths were common enough to travel around the country with low hassle. In November 1600, Oketia developed a culture that was blended from the multiple peoples that inhabited the land and wanted independence. By December 4, Ingerland and Hoppon agreed to allow Oketia to grow at its own rate. In turn, they elected Saiyo Fujiyoshi as their leader. At the time, there could be endless terms of leadership so long as the leader was the most voted at the time. Saiyo was thrown overboard on a sailing trip to Fremont, Mecyna in 1622. Later, Oketia became a kingdom and monarchy who lived in a castle. Democracy was still the ideology, however the monarchs got to choose what they wanted to do so long as the votes were under 75%.

In 1666, Marvin was founded as a town by king Hinata I, who later created a slave camp in 1690 before their death in 1704. Hinata I became one of the most despised leaders in Oketia, and the art hut outside the Hinata I palace was set on fire. This ended up with the loss of all of the paintings at the time, and the only remains of what Hinata looked like are sketches from the old autobiography of the leader.


Marvin is the capital and largest city of Oketia. It is home to 5 million people. The city is home to the most busy port of Archanta, with over 1500+ commercial ships docking and departing daily. In the 2018 census, 22% of citizens of Marvin declared owning a boat of some form, with 18% owning the boat for personal use, and 4% owning the boat for commercial use. The city is also home to a prominent international district and busy airport.

Taimatsu is the transport capital of Oketia. Despite the heavy international traffic at Marvin International, Taimatsu was given the title because it is the central location of transport headquaters. The system is efficient due to the central location of the city. It is also home to a large mail sorting facility and the central monument.

International Relations

Oketia has entered into relations with West Ambera and they had a summit in Taimatsu to negotiate border changes.

Notable Citizens

The Oketian Of The Year Awards (OTYA) was announced in 2000 after the revolution of the internet. The first award was given to Okanawa Ieyusui, the founder of Waterwells International on December 1st 2000. This award is given to a citizen annually. Prior to this award, there was no way to define the notability of a person, however the Hinata Sword played a huge role in notability, being passed on to multiple people.

Hinata I - Founder of Marvin (Circa 1666) John Turner - Voyager of the Archantan Seas.

Top Companies

Company Market Total Revenue (most recent estimate) Employees
ShopTek Courier $20,000,000,000 25,000
BurgerBox Fast Food $12,000,000,000 30,000
Superfast Fast Food $11,956,000,000 32,000