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OGFmapicon.png 55.6896 S, 135.5277 E
Old City
Official Name:
Old City of Ojonan
Other Names:
Old Ojonan

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Status Special City
Elevation 5-300 m
Demonym Ojonan
Population 558,760 (2015)
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Airports Old City International Airport

Old City (Officially Old City of Ojonan) is a city in the west coast of Neo Delta, in the far south of Archanta, more specifically in Astrasia. The city is home to 558,000 inhabitants who live in the city proper. Old City is the second largest city on Neo Delta, but together with neighboring towns, it forms the largest metropolitan area in the country. The population of Old City lives on the west of the Toquaho Mountains in the shore of the Ojonan Bay and is connected to the cities of Peninsula and Delta City by road. Old City, as well as the entire region, has experienced a significant growth in the past decades, changing dramatically its ancient landscape. The ojonan people have inhabited the region of Old City for more then 300 years, but the connection with the outer world only happened recently, circa 200 years ago, with the arrival of the deltese people.

Old City has a cold climate due to its latitude, but the proximity to the ocean makes it more temperate during the summers.


The city is named after the first inhabitants of the area, the ojonan. As time went by, the last part of the name of left behind, although many still called Ojonan City or Old Ojonan, in order the remember the culture that founded the city.

Old City 2016 Summer Geolympiad Bid

Old City, Neo Delta has entered the bid for the 2016 Summer Geolympiad on June 28th, 2015, following the withdrawal of Villa Constitución (Ardisphere). The bid was seen as a last minute decision and came as a surprise due to the country's recent introduction to international relationships and lack of experience in hosting big events. The Neo Delta Olympiad Committee decided to promote Old City's bid due to the fact that the city hosted the previous edition of the Neo Delta Cultural Games and had built the necessary infrastructure to most types of sports.

New Transportation System

The administration of Old City, together with Neo Delta federal government, has planned a new transportation system to facilitate the transit of tourists and residents during the 2016 Summer Geolympiad that will also remain as a turning point regarding the infrastructure of Old City.


Olympiad Village Neighborhood

The Olympiad Village Neighborhood was built to host the 2014 edition of the Neo Delta Cultural Games. The buildings were constructed among the neighborhoods of Gomme, East Wing, Iber, Doma Hat and High Village, and it is served by two rail station (Gomme and Hat) connecting the village to both the city center and the international airport of Old City.



Interpark is a park in the west side of Old City adapted to receive multiple sports venues, like athletics, bicycling and equestrian sports. The area was built during the Neo Delta Peace Games of 2001. It is located around the Lieh, Interpark, Nofom, Art City and Fusillum neighborhoods, and it is served by the Nofom rail station, connecting the area to both the city center and the international airport of Old City.


Sports Arena

The Sports Arena is a sport complex that was recently built to serve as a support venue for the 2016 Summer Geolympiad. It includes a volleyball, a baseball and a tennis court, together with a general sports pitch. It is located north of Ducom and Iber neighborhoods, and it is served by the Ducom rail station, connecting the arenas to both the city center and the international airport of Old City.


Proposed List of Venues

The current venues for the 2016 Summer Olympiad can be seen in the map and list below.

Venues-old city.PNG

Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.
Sport / Event Venue Name Capacity map
Opening and Closing Ceremonies Old City Convention Center tbd map
Olympiad Village Olympiad VIllage 1, 2, 3 and 4 tbd map
Aquatics (Swimming & Diving) Old City Indoor Pools tbd map
Basketball / Handball Old City Sports Center tbd map
BMX Old City Sports Center II and public roads tbd map
Fencing Old City Gym Center tbd map
Velodrome (Cycling) Old City Outdoors Center and Interpark tbd map
Field Hockey Old City Multi Sports tbd map
Water Polo Old City Indoors Pools tbd map
Boxing / Judo / Taekwondo Indoor Game Center tbd map
Weightlifting Indoor Game Center tbd map
Wrestling Indoor Game Center tbd map
Gymnastics Old City Gym Center tbd map
Shooting Old City Game Center tbd map
Tennis Sports Arena and Old City Outdoors Center tbd map
Volleyball (indoor) Old City Sports Center and Sports Arena tbd map
Volleyball (beach) Gulf Beach tbd map
Triathlon Gomme Public Streets tbd map
Archery Old City Game Center tbd map
Marathon King Park Circuit tbd map
Badminton Indoor Game Center tbd map
Football (Soccer) 1 Old City International Stadium tbd map
Football (Soccer) 2 North Ojonan Stadium tbd map
Football (Soccer) 3 Highland Stadium tbd map
Athletics Old City Athletics and Interpark tbd map
Canoeing Sunset Lagoon tbd map
Rowing Sunset Lagoon tbd map
Mountain Biking Old City Outdoors Center and Interpark tbd map
Sailing Old City Marina tbd map
Equestrian Interpark tbd map
Golf Umadek Golf Club tbd map
Rugby Highland Stadium tbd map
Table Tennis Indoor Game Center tbd map
General Training Old City Gym Center and Sports Arena tbd map

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