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The OpenGeoFictionRailwayMap is a planned project by User:Martinum4. It will be based on the Openrailwaymap-Codebase and use the same Tagging. For short it is also known as OGFRM. All Features and tag-combinations that are used by the Openrailwaymap can be used for the OGFRM too, I won't delete those.

Work in progress This article is incomplete. It will be expanded soon.


Train protection system

To make tagging and rendering more consistent among all railway Nations i suggest the following tags:

railway:tpsp=yes for physical train protection (Berlin S-Bahn, London Underground)

railway:tpsi=yes for inductive systems like the german PZB (Only at specific points commands are transmitted to the train)

railway:tpsc=yes for continous systems like the german LZB (Not bound to special points, transmission wherever track is equipped)

railway:tpsr=yes for radio/wireless network based systems (e.g. ETCS Levels 2/3 with balises)

railway:tpsm=yes for magnetic systems

railway:tpsmix=yes for mixed systems that aren't fitting in any of the previously mentioned categories (Elaborate on talk page please)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Train_protection_system<- have a look there for more information on train protection systems