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The Wiki exists to describe the places mapped in the OpenGeofiction world.

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Avenida Liberdad - to the right older parts of Barrio # 2
Latina (Ciudad) is the largest city in Latina and the capital of the country. There are 6.345.609 inhabitants (census of 2011). The town was founded in 1489 by the brothers Emilio and Ewaldo Bergez, who sailed into the bight of Latina in 1488. The first settlement was the southern part of the present Barrio # 1 (Ciudad Vejo). Latina (Ciudad) was from the beginning the capital of the colony Latina and from 1824 the capital of the then independent and as republic united former colonies of New Holland and Latina under the name "Latina".

To differentiate the town from the country, the offical name is Latina (Ciudad), but in daily use the people say 'Latina', "la ciudad" (the town) or "la muchdumbre" (the crowd).

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Did you know...

1000px TorreKapanadze.png
  • ... that the first section of the FLINX highspeed railroad network in Kalm, from Tarott-Leuden to Rothenstadt, officially opened on June 10, 1984?
... that Jorge Kapanadze drew the first sketch (pictured) of the famous landmark Torre Kapanadze on the back of an envelope while sitting in a restaurant?
... that Freedemia actually has a tricameral, or three house legislature?
... that Zylanda's capital, Elegantia, was so named by King Gerald I "to make an elegant city out of a dirty pigpool"?

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A seamless transition from rural to urban in the southern regions of Älgert mapped by tars

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Topographical map of Drabantia.png

Detailed topographical map of Drabantia, created by Eklas

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