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The Wiki exists to describe the places mapped in the OpenGeofiction world.

Users can request a wiki account once they are assigned a territory, and have developed some significant mapping. Before adding to the wiki, however, please read the guidelines.

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Nahuwa Atoll viewed from space

Nahuwa Atoll (Onnutuan: Nahuwa) is a possession of the Kingdom of Onnutu, located almost directly on the Equator, about 2500 km south of mainland Uletha and 2000 km south of the rest of Onnutu. The closest land is nearly 1000 km to the east. The atoll has a land area of just 14 square kilometers, surrounding a shallow lagoon of approximately 25 square kilometers.

For centuries Nahuwa Atoll was known to seafaring peoples such as the Onnutuans (who called it Nahuvai in Old Uuvainese) and the Khaiwoonese (who called it Nakhoo). Archaeologists believe the atoll was used by these peoples only as a rest stop, as there is no evidence of any early settlement there. In 1790 the Ingerish landed and claimed the atoll, and in 1814 established the first permanent outpost, a small naval resupply station. Since 1983, the islands have been administered by the Kingdom of Onnutu.

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Did you know...

  • ... that Ingerland has never won the WAFO World Cup?
  • ... that Saiku is a brewery and one of the most popular brands of beer in Karolia and that the original variety is exported around the world and today it is the brand of beer most associated with Karolia.
  • ...that The Republic Paroy is divided in 11 states and a federal district?
  • ... that Duke Beglidere is known as the "Father of Pretany"?
  • ... that Khaiwoon's national bird, the wepphu, is closely related to the chicken?

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Jundah, Tauhon, in the FSA

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200 Talent Bill by indyroads.


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