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The Wiki exists to describe the places mapped in the OpenGeofiction world.

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Gitaenhōlyuē (from ancient Rōlese "gitenaly", "knowledge"), or Symvanism in Ingerish (from "συμβάν" ("symván"), "event, happening") is the name for the mostly obsolete but still punctually performed native religion of Kojo. The faith consolidated around the city of during the 9th century, and since then has a well-established system of three theological principles (called Shukkyubu). Symvanist Shrines and Temples can be found all over Kojo.

In comparison to monotheistic religions, Symvanism stands out by worshipping a vaguely defined set number of Gods (in temples), as well as spirits and mythical events (in shrines). There is no sacred, all-encompassing body of text that the faith relies on, however there is a number of texts written by scholars throughout the ages that are unanimously accepted by the fellowship.

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The really excellent city of Krisoaral, Egani by Clik, with the transition from urban center to rural surroundings done exceptionally well.

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Khaiwoonese national football team (Wepphu) kit. (Created by user Isleño).'
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