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The Wiki exists to describe the places mapped in the OpenGeofiction world.

Users can request a wiki account once they are assigned a territory, and have developed some significant mapping. Before adding to the wiki, however, please read the guidelines.

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National Route 35 in Neredge Mountains National Park

Belphenia (officially the Theocratic People's Kingdom of Belphenia (TPKB; Nihonish:ベルフェニア) is a country in southeastern Uletha, consisting of 28 prefectures and 12 states. It is a theocracy, and shares land borders with Eurell to the north, Orinoco to the east, UL018c to the northwest, UL018g to the southwest, and with maritime borders with Pasundan-Padjadjaran to the south across the Sound of Pa, Commonia to the southeast across the Belphenian Sea, and UL018f to the west. Its capital city is Remiville. The name Belphenia is derived from the names Belphine and Beretania. This is a very rare name, and is very uncommon until Native Belphenians traveled to other countries and helped many people to recognize the name. Since 2011, Belphenia's official state religion is Great Heart. The religion that influenced Belphenia's expedition to find the truth about world events, which is why Belphenia is often referred to as "The Land of the Truth". The country is well known for establishing organizations known as Guilds, and is the major exporter of swords

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Did you know...

  • ... that Ingerland has never won the WAFO World Cup?
  • ... that Saiku is a brewery and one of the most popular brands of beer in Karolia and that the original variety is exported around the world and today it is the brand of beer most associated with Karolia.
  • ...that The Republic Paroy is divided in 11 states and a federal district?
  • ... that Duke Beglidere is known as the "Father of Pretany"?
  • ... that Khaiwoon's national bird, the wepphu, is closely related to the chicken?

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A great example of natural mapping in Lorredion by Le Mathou.

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Beautiful physical map of Ingerland by Andy.


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