Organisation Planétaire de Santé

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Planetary Health Organization
Alternate Name(s):
Organisation Planétaire de Santé
Global public health research and coordination with Headquarters in Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia
Address 1 rue de Santé
Fenelec, Centre, Ataraxia
General Information
Year Founded 1966 (predecessor in 1921)
Number of Members 80+
Secretary-General Dr. Raymonde Deloff
President TBD

The Planetary Health Organization (PHO) (Ataraxian: Organisation Planétaire de Santé, OPS) is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to advancing public health and international coordination of disease response, eradication and medical research. It is a specialized, affiliated agency of the Assembly of Nations.


PHO was founded in 1921 as the Regional Health Organization (RHO) (Ataraxian: Organisation Régionale de Santé, ORS), initially as a way to coordinate response to a serious flu epidimic with neighboring countries. Seeing as there was no global initiative to address serious public health issues, the RHO became PHO in 1966 with the founding of the AN.

Fenelec was chosen as PHO's headquarters as it already housed the École Médicale, Ataraxia's most prestigious medical school and member of the Seven Sisters elite universities that train most notable Ataraxians.

An important economic ecosystem and edge city has grown around PHO's headquarters. Alphavie is a major biotechnology research and pharmaceutical company and member of the AX50 stock index, with headquarters adjacent to PHO's headquarters. The two organizations often coordinate for drug policy and use some of the same research and lab facilities. Centres Santeix is another AX50 company headquartered in central Fenelec, running health centres and hospitals in Ataraxia, including the Hôpital Saint-Jean adjacent to PHO's headquarters.


  • Polio vaccination in Commonia
  • AIDS treatment in Suvuma
  • SARS research
  • Genetically resistant bacteria research


PHO is headquartered in a dedicated, secure campus in suburban Fenelec, Ataraxia. It is accessible from the A75 partial beltway, and has a transit center with its own station on the Fenelec Metro rail line and local bus service. A helipad is available for faster trips to Feneix Gateway Airport or even Ataraxia City.

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