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State of Osmila
Osmila Liidu
Osmile (Románš)
Flag of Osmila state
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State in the Federal Republic of Karolia
Capital Osmila-Linn
Country Karolia flag.png Karolia
Demonym Osmilan
Population 1,100,000 (2013)
Major airport Santjäna Anola-Fiore International
Train station Osmila Kaastjaam
Postcode OS
Website www.osmila.ka

Osmila is one of the twenty-one states in the federal republic of Karolia. It is the third smallest state in the country, and is located on a peninsula (which is technically an island) immediately to the south-east of the capital Santjäna, with which it shares much of its infrastructure. Being a city-state, Osmila is amongst the most urbanised of Karolian states, but still has over half of its area as green land, including the Osmila Hills National Park.

Due to their proximity, the states of Osmila and Santjäna are often considered a single entitiy politically and geographically, and share transport authority, common development policy and other assets. However, Osmila has its own state government, public services and is as independent as other Karolian state.

The centre of Osmila is a major railway hub and interchange as well as containing the financial centre that includes the Karolian stock exchange and the headquarters of several major companies. Anola-Fiore international airport, the Karolian National Library and Rispoo Palace are all located in Osmila.


Osmila's flag is red and white with the state shield at the left.



Santjäna Anola-Fiore airport, the largest in Karolia, is located on an artificial island in the southwest corner of the state. Flights depart to many international destinations.


Osmila has direct rail links to Santjäna city and state and the rest of the country. Many long-distance trains depart from the airport or Osmila Central. There is a dedicated high-speed tunnel to the airport from the city centre.


Osmila contains parts of the Santjäna Metro, specifically Lines 2 and 3 (subsurface), Line 4 (underground), almost all of Line 5 and Line 6 (subsurface) and the entirety of Line 7 (light rail). Osmila used to have a completely independent metro system which today forms the main part of Lines 5 and 6, but this was integrated into the greater Santjäna system in the 1980s.


Much of the seas around Osmila are shallow, prohibiting the landing of large vessels. However, the Osmila Reisendamm (port) which was constructed following dredging of approach channels from the Gulf of Osmila, does serve medium-to-large container ships and cruise vessels and is the main port for Santjäna. There are passenger ferries to the Capolii Islands and across the Vaina to Santjäna city.



Osmila FC have played in Liiga 1 since its inception and maintain a healthy rivalry with Santjäna Linna FC and FC Losse Santjäna across the water. There are also football clubs at FK Aaledamm, Laastvaljas and Rispoo.

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