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SloganOwO what's this?
TypePublic Limited Company
Traded asOWO (ECSX)
IndustryRetail - specialty
 Eye care
Founded1952 as National Optics Company
FounderJohn Kolinsky
HeadquartersOakyard, Erilyn
Area Served Esthyra flag.svg Esthyra
Number of employees???
 Medical equipments

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OwO plc. is an Esthyran retailer of eyewear and optical supplies. It was founded in 1952 as National Optics Company by John Kolinsky, an optometrist. It is well known for its wordmark logo, which resembles a pair of glasses, and its slogan "OwO what's this?", made it one of the most memorable brands of the world.

In April 1981, John Kolinsky was visiting a National Optics store on a trip to Cape Blackpool, Erilyn. He recalled in his personal biography that a high-school girl came in said "Oh, what's this?" while trying on one of the glasses. When John returned from the trip, he decided to use the "O-O" and her words as the slogan for his company, which received support from the customers. In 1982, the girl's family was awarded 20,000 shares of the company and the brand was renamed "OwO" under their suggestion as "it is more pronounceable". Some people believe that OwO is an abbreviation of "Only with Optics", though the rumour has never been proven.

OwO is headquartered in Oakyard, Ellen County, Erilyn. Its main production facility is located in the Airport Industrial Zone in Erilyn City.