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11, 31.5841, 108.6102
City of Oyonnax
Ville d'Oyonnax
Provincial-level city
 • RegionOuest
Ethnic GroupsAtaraxians (44%), Khaiwoonese (13%), Wiwaxians (4%), Panjandaranians (2%), Other (37%)
DemonymOyonnaxian (Ataraxian: Oyonnais)
 • MayorRaga Tubumi
 • Census (2010)3,242,484
 • Density2,786/km2
Metro5 lines
Tram1 line

Oyonnax is the capital and largest city in the Ouest or West region in the Federation of Ataraxia. As a provincial-level city, Oyonnax is not a part of any province within the West region.

At the mouth of the Lux river, Oyonnax's geographic situation and natural harbor have made it a major trading post for millenia. It was the largest city in what would become the Federation of Ataraxia for hundreds of years until the unification of Ataraxia and the construction of the Grand Canal, which shifted focus to Ataraxia City.

Oyonnax remains the largest port in Ataraxia with large immigrant communities and strong links to other Central Ocean port cities.


Oyonnax has a strong history of immigration, resulting in it being the only large city with a majority-minority population of non-Ataraxians (excluding small suburbs of Ataraxia City).

The current mayor of Oyonnax is Raga Tubumi (ConfAx), of Khaiwooneese heritage.


Oyonnax schematic rail map

Oyonnax International Airport is the second-busiest airport in Ataraxia with numerous flights to countries in Uletha and around the Central Ocean thanks to the Air Ataraxie hub.

Numerous autoroutes cross the Oyonnax metro region and link Oyonnax to other major cities including the A12 to Halifax, A10 to Villemarie, A2 to St. Sébastien/Ataraxia City, A8 to Banningstad/Great East and A12 to Port Franqui/Trax.

The Lux provides somewhat of a transport hurdle due to the need to maintain a navigable shipping channel for oceangoing vessels. It is crossed by the Tunnel du Salut, Pont St. Gratien bridge and the Tunnel de Lavisse in its lower portion. A pedestrian tunnel (Tunnel de Clerq) also connects the Port Royal district to Cap du Salut in the vicinity of the Cité Géolympique.

Oyonnax has well developed public transportation network. Five metro lines cross the city of Oyonnax, with some crossing the Lux river and extending to the Rive Gauche province. A tramway in Rive Gauche uses a former rail right of way parallel to the Lux between Chinonville and Cap du Salut. An RER network expands on both sides of the Lux to satellite cities and the airport, with trains every 10 minutes in peak hours. A bus network with extensive bus-only lanes helps connect parts of Rive-Gauche to Oyonnax across tunnels and bridges.

Proposed improvements

Proposed improvements related to the 2016 Geolympic bid include a planned extension of Line 4, a new RER line and a possible new Metro Line 6.

Line 4 would extend 2 stops from its current terminus at Port Royal to Quais du Lux, north of the Lux and a tunnel under the Lux to a station at Cité Géolympique. A proposed further extension would continue 3 stops to the town hall of Cap du Salut.

A new RER line would be created on the rail subdivision that helps freight trains reach the Port of Oyonnax on the western side of the city. Much of the line runs in a trench which would allow the relatively easy insertion of infill stations. A new station would be built deep underground beneath the old city of Port Royal, with pedestrian connections to the existing Port Royal station on Line 4 and Marché Poissonnier station on Line 1. The RER line would use the existing rail tunnel under the Lux and a viaduct in the port area to reach the station at Cité Géolympique. In addition to serving the Cité Géolympique, the RER line would take pressure off the Metro Line 1 and the central RER tunnel between Oyonnax-Centrale and Oyonnax-Rive Gauche which is at capacity.

Line 6 would use abandoned freight rail tunnels between Collège du Lux and the the Jerès district and a new alignment across or under the Lux River to the Lavisse town hall.

Sibling Cities

In the title of Ataraxia's participation in Sibling Cities of the World, Oyonnax has reached agreements with the following cities to enhance diplomatic and economic ties and partnerships:

   Neighboring Provinces   
    Rivière du Sud    
      Brosen windrose.png  Rive Gauche d'Oyonnax 
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