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Oyonnax, Ataraxia's 2nd city, is excited to present its bid for the 2016 GEOlympics.

Oyonnax will present a modern face of Ataraxia to the world. As the Federations's most diverse city, Oyonnax hosts immigrant communities from countries located across Uletha and around the Central Ocean. Historically Ataraxia's largest city, Oyonnax has numerous historical and cultural sites to keep visitors occupied and engaged.

A host of transportation improvements are proposed or underway and could be implemented by the time games open in 2016, including a metro extention and a new RER line retrofitted onto current freight tracks.

The Olympic Stadium and Village would be centrally located in the heart of the metro area, on reclaimed docklands in Cap du Salut, opposite the historic core of Oyonnax.

The slogan of the Oyonnax games would be a take on Ataraxia's national motto: Bonheur, Hygiène, Sportivité (Ingerish: Happiness, Hygiene, Sportsmanship).


The Olympic Village would have easy road and public transport connections. The site is directly accessible from the A-87 Petite Ceinture d'Oyonnax. On the Lux river, the site offers ferry service to other event locations in the Oyonnax region, a pedestrian tunnel under the Lux river to the Old City, and tramway, metro and RER connections from a centrally-located station to be constructed.

Oyonnax International Airport is the 2nd largest airport in Ataraxia, offering long-haul flights to a number of destinations around Uletha and the Central Ocean. Ataraxia International Airport is 2h30 minutes away, direct by TGV, and offers direct flights to most countries in the world.

Proposed Transportation Improvements

Statement on Athlete Behavior

Ataraxian officials recognize the natural desires and tendencies of athletes and visitors to the Geolympic games. The official slogan of the Games and motto of Ataraxia call on the government to work towards the "happiness and hygiene" of participants, visitors and residents.

To this effect, St. Marc Pharmaceutique, based in metropolitan Léopoldville, is an official sponsor of the 2016 Oyonnax bid and will provide at least 100,000 free condoms for the Geolympic village.

List of Proposed Venues

Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.
Sport / Event Venue Name Capacity map
Ceremonies / Athletics Stade Géolympique tbd map
Olympic Village Cité Géolympique tbd map
Aquatics (Swimming & Diving) Centre nautique tbd [ map]
Basketball / Handball tbd tbd [ map]
BMX tbd [ map]
Fencing tbd tbd [ map]
Velodrome (Cycling) tbd [ map]
Field Hockey tbd [ map]
Water Polo tbd [ map]
Boxing / Judo / Taekwondo tbd [ map]
Weightlifting tbd [ map]
Wrestling tbd [ map]
Gymnastics tbd [ map]
Shooting tbd [ map]
Tennis tbd [ map]
Volleyball (indoor) tbd [ map]
Volleyball (beach), mens Cité Soleil tbd [ map]
Volleyball (beach), womens Débussy tbd [ map]
Triathlon tbd [ map]
Archery tbd [ map]
Marathon tbd [ map]
Badminton tbd [ map]
Football (Soccer) 1 Stade Olympique tbd [ map]
Football (Soccer) 2 Trax tbd [ map]
Football (Soccer) 3 Halifax tbd [ map]
Football (Soccer) 4 Ataraxia City tbd [ map]
Football (Soccer) 5 Stanleyville tbd [ map]
Football (Soccer) 6 Ginex tbd [ map]
Football (Soccer) 7 Léopoldville tbd [ map]
Football (Soccer) 8 St. Sébastien tbd [ map]
Canoeing tbd [ map]
Rowing tbd [ map]
Mountain Biking tbd [ map]
Sailing Golfe du Lux tbd [ map]
other... tbd [ map]