Ozuman Chezi

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Ozuman Chezi is an important metro transfer station situated in Daiamondoshi-Pang, Pyingshum, the capital of Kojo.

History and architecture

Front facade facing the Sátarditué-daitō

During the planning of Daiamondoshi-Pang the founders wanted to pay tribute to their lead city planner and architect Tunmaldu-Oejaén Ozuman, who significantly coined the new gouvernment's quarter's architecture. Formerly a royal country estate, it was turned into a temporary passenger railway station after the democratic revolution of 1828 until a sustainable solution was to be found; this was extremely popular as it was perceived as an act of revenge against the former monarchy. Despite soaring usage, is was used as a railway station for several years, with temporary platforms being erected at its back and side. After several decades later the new far-distance railway stations were finally opened at the edge of the city, the station was now exclusively used as a metro station for the first line number 1, and today is a metro hub.

Location and surroundings

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The station stand next to the capital's representative boulevard, the Sátarditué-daitō. The ministry of justice is situated on an adjacent block.