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Pästoreiiplats is a public square and garden in Säntjana, Karolia, built in 1860 as part of the modernisation of the city. It is considered the centre of the cultural district of the city and is the location of several theatres. It is named for Jan Pästoreii, nineteenth-century Karolian composer.


Pästoreiiplats is located towards the east of the centre of the city, on Pästoreii tee. The nearest metro stations are Musicäverne (400m to the west) and Alafjiläs Ot (300m south-east, also mainline trains) on Line 1. The square is formed of the split between carriageways of Pästoreii tee for about 200m and is egg-shaped, with around 100m width at the largest point.


The Teatra Riika, the country's national theatre, it located on the north side of the square where is was built in 1867. Next door to it is the much larger Delfiniiteater which was built in 1903. On the south side of the square is the Institute for Dramatic Arts, whilst next to the Tetra Riika on the other side is the National Film Theatre.


The area inside the road around Pästoreiiplats is grassed and maintained as a garden. There are several trees planted here to commemorate the opening of theatres or the deaths of famous actors, although none are allowed to be buried here. It is a popular place for theatre-goers to enjoy drinks and conversation in the summer months.


A monument to Jan Pästoreii is located towards the eastern side of the garden.


A round pond with a fountain was added to the gardens in 1900. It has been traditional for the cast of a successful production at the Delfinii to jump in the fountain after the last performance. In 1986, public outcry and a copycat campaign after the local police stating they would arrest anybody doing so, resulted in a memorandum of understanding being passed in the city parliament giving actors the right to continue doing so provided they did not damage the fountain.