Paroy Grand Prix

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 Paroy Grand Prix
Grand Prix in the Premier Formula
Trevers Caufford Race Circuit

Race information
Number of times held31
First held1978
Circuit length5.199 km (3.23 mi)
Race length306.741 km (190.6 mi)
Last year (2016)
Pole position
Paxtar Cārlos Mūler Sun Pillar Racing 1:21.252
1. Balonis Mampu Delgado HareSpeed Racing 1:48:15.965
2. Luslandia Afonso Rafael BrasoNense +0.734s
3. Ardisphere Néstor Xenakis Verde y Blanco +7.028s
Fastest lap
Paroy Tony Moreno Meyton Racing 1:49.557

The Paroy Grand Prix (Franquese: Grand Prix du Paroy) is a Premier Formula race currently held at the Caufford Race Circuit in Trevers.

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