Pasalia National Railways

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Pasalia National Railways
Parent Company Pasalia National Railways Ltd
Founded July 1 1878
Predecessor various
Headquarters Futuria City
Service Area Pasalia,Calliesanyo,Thirran,Kofuko
Service Type Passenger, Freight
System Length ~1900km
Routes many
Stations served 198
Depots 8
Annual Ridership 158 million
Electrification 25kV AC, 1500V DC
Track Gauge 1435mm (4ft 8 ½in)
Employees 19400

History =

First Railways

The first railroad in Pasalia was opened in 1879.



2010-11-26-szczecin-glówny-by-RalfR-54.jpg Locomotives like this serve the Main Passenger services. Despite the ongoing improvements more and more traffic was handled by road instead of rail starting with post-war era. Significant cuts were made to the network.


Pasalia's railroad network has improved since the early 2000s. In 2001 the Government gave PNR a fund of 4 billion PSD to significantly improve service until 2011.

Highspeed-Rail Project

The government started to look into the option of highspeed rail during the 1970s. Rising energy prices and negative health effects due to increased road and air travel were the primary drivers for this idea.

See: Vision:SPEED (Pasalia)


Railroad Stock

Passenger Locomotives

Passenger EMU

Passenger Wagons

Freight Locomotives

Freight Wagons





PNR maintains a number or URLs to serve international customers. These are in the respective language.