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PayChan is a popular Freedemian Cable/Satellite company. It is famous for pioneering the first ever "pay per channel" business model, which is why the company is called PayChan (Pay per Channel). Owned by broadcaster FreedemiaTV, it was premiered in 1995 under the name PPCCable, but as they became more popular due to their format than their company they became PayChan.

PayChan Logo.

The "Pay per Channel" format

PayChan was started off of a very unique system- Customers would pay a certain small amount for all of the equipment, special features like rewinding shows, television guides and skipping ahead, and the basic local channels. This would generally be only about f' 9 a month. Then customers can purchase the exact channels they want to actually watch. The lowest level channels cost about an extra fc50 a month, the medium level channels an extra f' 0.75 a month and really premium channels an extra f' 1.00 a month. This actually acted as a win-win for PayChan- customers were happy that they weren't paying for any more channels than they wanted, and PayChan's profits went through the roof.


"Pay for what you watch, not what you don't" was the basic slogan PayChan has used for years. The newer slogan is "PayChan- Choose your best", based off the idea that users choose the channels they really want to watch

No Longer the Only One

Unfortunately, PayChan's efforts and success of bringing justice to the cable and satellite market partially worked against itself. Freedemia passed a law along with the CCF (Communications Coalition of Freedemia) forcing all cable and dish companies to offer the option to pay per channel. This means PayChan is no longer unique in its format, although it still remains number one in Freedemian cable and dish due to its brand recognition and its continual innovation in other areas, such as a partneship with Stepstone Technology to bring pay per channel cable to Stepstone devices for an additional fee.