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The Peninsula Dialing System (PDS) is a telephone system consisting of regional dialing codes (area codes), prefixes and telephone numbers that form a telephone exchange for several major countries in south-central Uletha. Currently Alora, Byórn, Castellán, Gobrassanya (including Lonowai and Takora), Valosia are part of this area, but plans are underway to include (if they accept) Celesto Republic, as well as Lallemand, Cariocas, and other outlying islands located south of the Gobras Peninsula. Two small countries at the periphery of the PDS, Khaiwoon and Onnutu, are "quasi members" that remain outside the PDS but can be dialed from within the area as if they were part of it.

Phone Number Allocation

Phone numers are allocated within areas and exchanges. Area codes define larger calling areas and prefixes (or exchanges) are smaller areas allowing for local dialing. Each unique phone number defines a telecommunication node. A node may be a house phone line, business phone line, fax line, cellular phone connection, pager or other device that would be assigned a phone number. The entire dialing code (including area code, Prefix and destination number is commonly referred to as a phone number. International Dialing outside of the PDS requires dialing 0-1-1 to then dialing the appropriate country dialing code. International Callers wanting to call a phone number inside the PDS region would dial 0-2-0-0 as the country code before dialing the "area code" and phone number of the destination party located in the PDS area. Long Distance are no longer be required to be preceded with a 1- in front of the "area code" since the new digital calling system was put into place. Phone numbers are formatted using the following format (XXX) YYY-ZZZZ with XXX being the Area Code YYY being the prefix, and ZZZZ being the destination number.

Area Codes

An area code is a 3 digit code in which all numbers falling within a certain area would begin with that number. Persons dialing from within that area code would be able to call other numbers within that same area code without dialing the area code first, unless thye lived in an area code overlay. Area Codes are assigned to various geographic regions bounded by state or regional boundaries. Area codes are assigned based upon demand. Once all numbers of the area code have been used a new area code will be set up to overlay or divide the area. No "area code" can begin with the numbers 0 or 1.


A prefix defines a local calling exchange where all numbers in that exchange are in the same geographical region, Tse are smaller regions like cities towns and parts of metropolitan areas. All prefixes are 3 digits in length (some quasi-area countries can have 4 digits depending upon their phone system.) Originally the system was built to have 4 digit prefixes but due to the length of phone numbers the leading 0 was dropped in favor of the shorter number. No "prefix" can begin with the numbers 0 or 1.

Special Dialing Codes

Operator and International Calling

Special dialing codes are provided for special purposes. 0 is reserved for operator assisted calls, 001 is reserved for operator assisted calls outside of the PDS dialing area. 011 is reserved for direct dialing to countries outside the

Emergency and Public service Codes

Emergency and Public Service Codes
Number Purpose Note
919 Emergency, Police-Fire-Medical Non-emergency calls prohibited
818 Non-Emergency, Police-Fire-Medical For urgent but non-emergency calls
717 Utility Location Services
616 Telephone repair services calls routed to respective telephone providers
515 Travel Advisory Hotline road hazards, weather and travel information
414 Information Phone number and information directory. Originally managed by phone provider, now operated by a private company tele-concierge LPC which provides additional information services.
313 Travel Advisory Hotline reserved for Local Government uses
212 Travel Advisory Hotline reserved for Local Government uses
111 National security Hotline Pertinent information about national security and natural disasters. Activated when needed by respective national governments.

These numbers that are assigned as special dialing codes cannot be assigned as prefixes

Toll Free and Pay Area Codes
Country Toll Free (EUTS) Area Codes Pay (RATS) Area Codes
Gobrassanya 200, 211, 222 AND 244 922
Alora and Takora 300, 311, 322 AND 333 933
Byórn 400, 411, 422 AND 444 944
(Reserved for) Celesto Republic 500, 511, AND 555 955
Castellán 600, 611, 622 AND 666 966
Valosia 700, 711, 722 AND 777 977

Special Area Codes - Toll-Free calling

The End-User Tolling System or EUTS is a range of phone numbers assigned to a wide area to provide Toll-Free calling services to customers calling a specific dialing party. Call toll charges are instead charged to the party being called (aka... the end-user).

Pay Calls - Revenue Added Toll System (RATS)

The Revenue Added Toll System is a range of phone numbers assigned to a wide area to provide calling services to customers wishing to generate revenue for services provided to people calling in to their phone number. A range of services provided by pay telephone lines include personal services. advice hotlines, adult chatlines, psychic services, accounting and legal services, telephone medical services, technical support services and a whole other range of services provided. Charges can be charged by the minute or by the call. Pay charges are collected by the telephone company, the telephone toll amount is then deducted from the amount collected and then the remainder is paid to the destination (end-user) party being called.

Member countries

Quasi members

Calling to Quasi Member countries

Quasi Members are member countries that do not necessarily use the same numbering schema as regular member countries but are assigned an area code that connects callers directly to their phone system without having to dial international access codes or carrier codes before dialing that number. These countries have their own phone numbering system so after dialing the assigned "quasi area code" the dialer would dial the rest of the number as they would if they were in the country they are dialing to.

To facilitate cross-strait calls between PDS member countries and Khaiwoon, the PDS area code 319 has been assigned to a forwarding service that automatically connects the dialer to the khaiwoon phone exchanges so that the caller does not have to dial the longer a 0-1-1-0319 prefix, allowing for shortened dialing from the PDS to Khaiwoon, as if it were part of the PDS area. Similarly, the area code 227 was recently established to facilitate calling from the PDS to Onnutu.

Calls from Quasi member countries

Currently quasi members wanting to dial numbes in other quasi member countries would use their normal dialing procedures and dial the respective international dialing code 0319 for Khaiwoon, 0227 for Onnutu 0200 for regular PDS member nations. At this time shortened dialing for Quasi member nations reachign other PDS member nations is currently not available, however a fix for dialers from Khaiwoon and Onnutu to other PDS countries is also in the works to facilitate shorter dialing sequences between these countries and to phone numbers within the PDS dialing areas.

PDS controversy

Small countries in the vicinity of the PDS faced a unique dilemma because, for them, joining the system would make dialing in from outside the PDS area less convenient. For example, people in non-PDS countries who currently dial 0319-YYY-ZZZZ to reach Khaiwoon would have needed to dial 0200-XXX-YYY-ZZZZ if Khaiwoon were to join the system. "We cannot ask the rest of the world to dial three extra digits to do business here," stated a spokesman for the Khaiwoonese government, explaining the decision not to seek full PDS membership alongside Gobrassanya. However, to facilitate cross-strait calls between Gobrassanya and Khaiwoon, the PDS area code 319 was assigned to a forwarding service that automatically redials the number with a 0-1-1-0319 prefix, allowing for shortened dialing from the PDS to Khaiwoon, as if it were part of the PDS area. Similarly, the area code 227 was recently established to facilitate calling from the PDS to Onnutu.