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Penquisset is a constituent state in the Federal States of Archanta, located in its Southeast Region on the coast of the Ardentic Ocean. Penquisset is bordered to the Southeast along the coast by Aidlenaide, along the South by New Carnaby and to the North and West by Arghenna. Its largest city is Warwick, while the state's capital and government offices reside in Newburyport.

9, -39.9782, 159.6863
State of Greater Penquisset
The Gold on Yonder
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityWarwick
Official languagesIngerish, Kalmish, Penquot
 • GovernorNiaran Keplis
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
 • Upper houseState Senate
 • Lower houseState House of Representitives
 • Total7,741 km2
 • Estimate6,143,201
 • Density794/km2


The state of Penquisset was named after the name given to the area by indigenous population, Pinqiset, likely derived from the world Pinqi, meaning "Sea", and "Et", meaning "Village". It has often been translated as "Village by the Sea" or "The Village graced by Navigation". Alternatively, Pinqiset has been represented as Ipiqisite—from the name of a commercial explorer several centuries ago that explored the era and established small trade and resource gathering outposts along the Eastern seaboard of the Federal States.

The official name of the state is the State of Greater Penquisset. While this lengthy designation is part of the state's official name, it has no practical implications, and was only a historical vestige of an outdated formality. Penquisset has the same effective power within the Federal States as any other state. It may have been designated as such when the western borders of the state were ill-defined with Arghenna during the period of the formation of the Federal States.



The Federal States Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that the Penquisset gross state product in 2017 was $257 billion. The per capita personal income in 2020 was $59,221, and since January 2020, the minimum wage in the state has been $16.75 per hour while the minimum wage for tipped workers is $7.95 an hour.

A list from an economic magazine in 2019 of "Top States for Business for the decade" has recognized Peqnuisset as one of the best states in the nation for business and as one of the most innovative states in the FSA. Penquisset has four foreign-trade zones, the Warwick Port Authority, the Port of Newburyport, the Port of Duxbury, and the Port of Dracut.

Sectors vital to the Penquot economy include higher education, biotechnology, information technology, finance, health care, tourism, and manufacturing. The FS-20 corridor continues to be a major center for venture capital investment, and high technology remains an important sector. In recent years tourism has played an ever-important role in the state's economy, with Whaleburyport and Duxbury being the leading destinations. Other popular tourist destinations include Mount Silver, Warwick, and the Naspertock Region.

While manufacturing comprised less than 10% of Penquisset's gross state product in 2018, the Commonwealth ranked one of the highest in the nation in total manufacturing output. This includes a diverse array of manufactured goods such as medical devices, paper goods, specialty chemicals and plastics, telecommunications and electronics equipment, and machined components.

As of 2015, there were roughly five thousand farms in Penquisst encompassing a total of around a quarter million acres. Particular agricultural products of note include greenhouse products making up more than one-third of the state's agricultural output, cranberries, sweet corn, and apples are also large sectors of production.


Depending on how it is calculated, state and local tax burden has been estimated at 11.44% or $6,163 per year for a household with nationwide median income.

As of January 1, 2016, Penquisset has a flat-rate personal income tax of 5.2%. There is a tax exemption for income below a threshold that varies from year to year. The corporate income tax rate is 8.7%, and the short-term capital gains tax rate is 12.5%. The state imposes a 6.3% sales tax on retail sales of tangible personal property—except for groceries, clothing (up to $200.00), and periodicals. The sales tax is charged on clothing that costs more than $2000.00, for the amount exceeding $200.00. Penquisset also charges a use tax when goods are bought from other states and the vendor does not remit the Penquisset sales tax; taxpayers report and pay this on their income tax forms or dedicated forms, though there are "safe harbor" amounts that can be paid without tallying up actual purchases. There is no inheritance tax and limited Penquisset estate tax related to federal estate tax collection.


The Government of Penquisset is divided into four branches: Legislative, Effective, Ameliorative, and Interspective. The governor of Penquisset heads the effective branch; duties of the governor include signing or vetoing legislation, filling judicial and agency appointments, granting pardons, preparing an annual budget, and commanding the Penquisset Federal Protectorate. The current governor is Niaran Keplis, a { POLITICAL PARTY ONE } from Grafton. The executive branch also includes the Executive Committee, which is made up of eleven elected councilors and the Lieutenant Governor seat, which is currently occupied by Karin Polthuel, a { POLITICAL PARTY ONE } from Savoy.

Abilities of the Council include confirming gubernatorial appointments and certifying elections. Governors server for terms of four years. The Penquisset Representative Chamber and Penquisset Senate Chamber comprise the legislature of Penquisset, known as the Penquisset Grand Court. The Representative consists of 130 members while the Senate has 32 members. Leaders of the Representative and Senate are chosen by the members of those bodies; the leader of the Representative is known as the Vocal while the leader of the Senate is known as the Status. Each branch consists of several committees. Members of both bodies are elected to two-year terms.

The legislature branch of the Penquisset state government is divided into an upper and lower house of a state congress, which help to create governing laws for the state.

The Ameliorative branch is headed by the Penquisset Supreme Court, which serves over a number of lower courts. The Supreme Judicial Court is made up of a chief justice and eight associate justices. Judicial appointments are made by the governor and confirmed by the executive council.

The introspective branch is chaired by the Inspector General (who also works in the Effective branch in certain capacities), and oversees policies of equity and fair representation in governmental affairs. Some of its primary responsibilities include development of equitable voting districts, rectifiying gerrymandering, bring cases of abuse of power or incompetence in government officials before congress, and monitoring campaign finance.

Throughout the mid 20th century, Penquisset, despite being historical progressive, shifted even further in the spectrum away from the national medium towards progressiveness; the 1934 victory of Samuel Wiehl over incumbent governor Reston Belthack is seen as a watershed moment in this transformation. Wiehl's younger brother Georgebert Wiehl held that seat until his death from a cancerous tumor in 1961. Since the time of Wiehl, Penquisset has gained a reputation as being a politically left-wing state and is often used as an archetype of modern progressiveness and liberalism.

Penquisset routinely votes for the { POLITICAL PARTY TWO } , with the core concentrations in the Warwick Island metropolitan area, the Eastern coastal municipalities, the Newbury river valley, and the Alewife river valley. Pockets of { INSERT PARTY ONE} strength are in the western areas, northeastern Penquisset, western Cradleway island, and southern Whalebury island.

List of Penquot Governors and Lieutenant Governors

Number Name Lieutenant Governor Party Residence Years
1 Deter Rhysaer Tack Gentilden party 1 Endorf (Modern day Flumebury) 1882-1902
2 Reston Belthack Piter Jahnsen party 1 North Amherst (Modern day Wompatuck) 1902-1934
3 Samuel Wiehl Tack Whisteney party 2 Warwick 1934-1958
4 Georgebert Wiehl Tack Whisteney party 2 Warwick 1958-1961
5 Tack Whisteney Mynea Tarquest party 2 Hopkinton 1961-1966
6 Mynea Tarquest Brey Waltersdorfer party 1 Triphammer 1966-1974
7 Wavel Delahick Pente Hackrush party 2 Sperantina 1974-1990
8 Pente Hackrush Eadin Hastianopolis party 1 Hopkinton 1990-1994
9 Tundra Milkswich Opelna Chisken party 2 Redbrass 1994-2006
10 Niaran Keplis Karen Polthuel party 2 Grafton 2006-present

Penquisset Registered Voter Enrollment: January 2019

(Insert table once parties national discussion occurs)

As of the 2018 election cycle, the { POLITICAL PARTY TWO } holds a super-majority over the { POLITICAL PARTY ONE } in both chambers of the Penquisset Grand Court. Out of the state house's 130 seats, { POLITICAL PARTY TWO } hold 109 seats compared to the { POLITICAL PARTY ONE } 21 seats, and 26 out of the 32 seats in the state senate belong to the { POLITICAL PARTY TWO } compared to the { POLITICAL PARTY ONE } six seats.

Although { POLITICAL PARTY ONE } held the governor's office continuously from 2001 onwards, they have been among the most moderate { POLITICAL PARTY ONE } leaders in the nation.



Alewife in Newbury River

The primary climate-related biome of non-coastal Penquisset is that of a temperate deciduous forest. Although some of the areas in the western half of the state have been cleared for agriculture and livestock farming since settlement, most of the state's original forest cover and natural areas remain. Currently, woodlands and forests cover around 57% of Penquisset. The areas most affected by man made infrastructure and deforestation include the Warwick Island metropolitan area, and the Newburyport metropolitan area. There are presently 195 endangered species that have a primary habitat in Penquisset.

Despite urbanization, A number of species continue to do well despite the changes. Falcons and hawks utilize skyscrapers in larger cities as nesting and breeding areas. The population of wild animals such as otters and fisher cats have increased rapidly in the previous few years due to a prior surge in the fish and wild rodents (rabbits, mice, etc.) populations, respectively. Several species of squirrels, foxes, porcupines, deer, skunks and even bears are also found throughout Penquisset. Larger mammals such as bears are occasionally seen in the Arghennan mountains area of western Penquisset, largely due to conservation efforts following the alarm over rise of endangered species in recent years.

Penquisset is located along a primary route for migratory birds including waterfowl along the eastern coast. Large lakes in central Penquisset provide a favorable habitat for many species of fish and waterfowl. Protected areas such as the Panalstow Wetlands Nature Preserve provide critical breeding habitat for shorebirds and a variety of marine wildlife.

Some of the freshwater species of fish in Penquisset include herring, carp, trout and alewife salmon, while saltwater species such as haddock, and saltwater herring populate offshore waters.



Climate data for Newburyport
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 28
Average low °C (°F) 19
Source: National Atmospheric Institute

Most of Penquisset has a humid continental, with cold winters and warm summers. Eastern coastal areas are the broad transition zone to humid subtropical climates. The warm to hot summers render the oceanic climate rare in this transition, only applying to exposed coastal areas such as on the outer banks of Cradleway County. The climate of Warwick is quite representative for the commonwealth, characterized by summer highs of around 82 °F (27 °C) and winter highs of 37 °F (2 °C), and is quite wet. Frosts are frequent all winter, even in coastal areas due to prevailing inland winds. Due to its location near the Ardentic, Penquisset is potentially vulnerable to tropical storms, but these are relatively a rare occurrence.

List of rivers in Penquisset

Name Length Municipalities Historic Usage Watershed Basin
Aldover River
Alluria River
Billerica River
Brantport River
Carnaby River
Chisick River
Cranwick River
Fenwick River
Gaurelam River
Glastwich River
Hopkinton River
Houghton River
Keene River
Lemonsnare River
Mystic River
Natick River
Newbury River
North River
Onnapeague River
Otter River
Penquisset River
Quabbin River
Rathekesis River
Rum River
Sanqueechem River
Sentanecket River
Sheffield River
Shylock River
Tempest River
Teru River
Turkey River
Westwood River
Winchester River
Wrentuck River


Bodies of Water

Islands and Peninsulas

State Parks and other Wildlife Protection Areas

List of State Parks and other Wildlife Areas

Name Type Municipalities Public Trails Camping Area
Fenwick River Conservation Area Chilmark
Flathlands State Park Amherst, Chilmark
Great Pentucket Forest Conservation Area Grafton, Chilmark



Economic Geograhy


The state of Penquisset is subdivided into 42 municipalities. Municipalities with a population density of greater than 2000 residents per square kilometer are considered metropolitan areas, or cities, and those with a population density less than 2000 residents per square kilometer are considered towns.


There are 11 municipalities considered cities in Penquisset.

Town/City boundaries in Penquisset

List of Cities

County City Name Area in km² Inhabitants Population density per km² Map Zip Codes
Cradleway Duxbury [Duxbury]
Swampscott [Swampscott]
Holliston Whaleburyport [Whaleburyport]
Masconomet Hopkinton 105.7 [Hopkinton] 09381-09393
Sawtelle 111.6 [Sawtelle] 09371-09379
Ravelstay Newbury [Newbury] 09261-09269
Newburyport 75.3 [Newburyport] 09271-09284
Warwick Greenpalm [Greenpalm]
North Warwick [North Warwick]
South Warwick [South Warwick]
Warwick 148.4 1,052,000 7,089 [Warwick]


There are 31 municipalities considered towns in Penquisset. Towns typically have a much less dense residential distribution than cities, and tend to have large portions of land set aside for recreation, conservation and residential developments.

Wellesley, PQ town center

List of Towns

County Name Area in km² Inhabitants Population density per km² Map Zip Codes
Cradleway Archwick [Archwick]
Byfield [Byfield]
Ipswich [Ipswich]
Stantick [Stantick]
Stenwick [Stenwick]
Tyngsboro [Tyngsboro]
Westwood [Westwood]
Holliston Amherst [Amherst]
Danvers [Danvers]
South Whalebury [South Whalebury]
Walpole [Walpole]
Whalebury [Whalebury]
Wompatuck [Wompatuck]
Masconomet Chilmark [Chilmark] 09361-09367
Dracut [Dracut] 09311-09317
Grafton [Grafton] 09351-09359
Marshfield [Marshfield] 09341-09347
Reading [Reading] 09321-09326
Sperantina [Sperantina] 09301-09308
Ravelstay Greylock [Greylock] 09231-09236
Halpdale [Halpdale] 09201-09205
Natick [Natick] 09241-09248
Savoy [Savoy] 09211-09217
Wellesley [Wellesley] 09251-09258
Silver Campbourne [Campbourne] 09121-09125
Dunstable [Dunstable] 09111-09117
Groton [Groton] 09101-09106
Ludlow [Ludlow] 09151-09156
Petrichor [Petrichor] 09161-09166
Pelwick [Pelwick] 09141-09147
Triphammer [Triphammer] 09131-09135



The Education System in the Penquisset is...... (ext.)







List of accredited Universities and Colleges in Penquisset (Alphabetical)

School Municipality Founded Undergrad Students Grad and Post-Grad Students Mascot Position Notes
Descroax Medical College Warwick 1889
Dighton Rock University Duxbury 1954
Hextall University Newburyport 1855
Greenbush University Chilmark 1911
Longfellow Community College Warwick 1913
Needham College of Business Warwick 1935
Rewfield College Warwick 1766
Saint Athols College Warwick 1789
Shrewthen Kalm University Warwick 1902
Southeastern University Warwick 1886
Tadashi Konomi Institute of Law and Public Relations Warwick 1963
Tandon University of the Arts Warwick 2008
Tolland Naval Academy South Whalebury 1812
Toth University Whalebury 1944
Univerity of Penquisset - Swampscott Swampscott 1975
Univerity of Penquisset - Warwick Warwick 1975
Warwick College of Economics Warwick 1723
Warwick Institute of Technology Warwick 1815 Oceanographic Research Institute located in Panalstow, PQ


Federal Motorways

List of Motorway Segments in Penquisset

Only segments of Federal States of Archanta federal highways contained in Penquisset are listed in this table.

Highway Beginning End Major cities serviced Length
FS1Route.png Border of New Carnaby state at Hopkinton Border of Arghenna state at Marshfield Hopkinton, Sawtelle, Grafton, Chilmark, Marshfield 37.9 Penquisset Thruway
FS11Route.png Border of New Carnaby state at Hopkinton Border of Arghenna state at Marshfield Hopkinton, Sawtelle, Grafton, Chilmark, Marshfield 37.9 Penquisset Thruway
FS20Route.png Border of New Carnaby state at Warwick Border of Delenshire Islands state at Byfield Warwick, South Warwick, Swampscott, Tyngsboro, Archwick, Stenwick, Byfield 45.3 Warwick Connector / Lodge Davis Thruway
FS201Route.png FS401Route.png Newburyport Border of New Carnaby state at Newburyport Dracut, Newburyport 3.2 Loebstrom Highway
FS401Route.png FS11Route.pngFS1Route.png Hopkinton Cantilevier Parkway, Newbury Hopkinton, Sawtelle, Dracut, Sperantina, Newbury 29.8 Loebstrom Highway / Taylor S. Wyman Highway
FS601Route.png FS1Route.png Hopkinton FS520Route.png Warwick Hopkinton, Warwick 9.4 Hopkinton Express
FS520Route.png FS20Route.png Warwick New Keene Parkway, North Warwick Warwick, North Warwick 8.6 John Carlisle Freeway

For more information please see Penquisset Divided Highway Network

State Roads

State Roads in Penquisset

State numbered routes maintained by the Penquisset Highway Administration are listed in this table.

Route Beginning End Areas serviced Length
Notes Relation
Penquisset Route 1.png Tremont Circle, Duxbury Penquisset Route 5.png Dunstable Duxbury, Stantick, Tyngsboro, Swampscott, Warwick, Hopkinton, Sawtelle, Dracut, Newburyport, Natick, Savoy, Pelwick, Ludlow, Campbourne, Dunstable 111.3 Penquisset Scenic Highway
Penquisset Route 1A.png Penquisset Route 1.png Newburyport Penquisset Route 1.png Newburyport Newburyport (Harbor Districts) 5.2 Newburyport Portway
Penquisset Route 2.png Penquisset Route 8.png Whalebury Penquisset Route 1.png Sawtelle Whalebury, South Whalebury, Walpole, Hopkinton, Sawtelle 29.8 Great Plain Avenue / Seven Rivers Road
Penquisset Route 3.png FS1Route.pngFS20Route.png Sawtellle Starshine Boulevard, Whaleburyport Sawtelle, Walpole, South Whalebury, Whalebury, Whaleburyport 36.8 Loebstram Highway
Penquisset Route 4.png Penquisset Route 8.png Whaleburyport Penquisset Route 1.png Pelwick Whaleburyport, Wompatuck, Amherst, Marshfield, Reading, Sperantina, Wellesley, Greylock, Halpdale, Petrichor, Pelwick 85.7 Northern Highway
Penquisset Route 4A.png Penquisset Route 4.png Halpdale Penquisset Route 4.png Sperantina Halpdale, Greylock, Natick, Newbury, Sperantina 28.2 Billerica Road / Williams Avenue / Woodplain Road
Penquisset Route 5.png Border of New Carnaby state at Groton Border of Arghenna state at Dunstable Groton, Dunstable Panhandle Highway
Penquisset Route 6.png Penquisset Route 1.png Hopkinton Penquisset Route 1.png Duxbury Hopkinton, Warwick, North Warwick, South Warwick, Stantick, Duxbury 33.2 Dover Highway
Penquisset Route 7.png Penquisset Route 1.png Newburyport Penquisset Route 4.png Greylock Newburyport, Newbury, Greylock 9.6 Federal Furnace Highway
Penquisset Route 8.png Border of Arghenna state at Whaleburyport Border of Aidlenaide state at Byfield Whaleburyport, Whalebury, Danvers, Ipswich, Duxbury, Archwick, Stenwick, Byfield 66.0 Oceanic Highway
Penquisset Route 9.png Penquisset Route 1.png Tyngsboro Penquisset Route 8.png Archwick Tyngsboro, Archwick 18.3 Great Salt Marsh Highway
Penquisset Route 10.png Penquisset Route 1A.png Newburyport Border of Arghenna state at Reading Newburyport, Dracut, Sperantina, Reading 20.6 Great Road
Penquisset Route 11.png Penquisset Route 2.png Whalebury Penquisset Route 12.png Grafton Whalebury, South Whalebury, Walpole, Chilmark, Grafton 25.3 Greenbush Highway
Penquisset Route 12.png Penquisset Route 3.png Hopkinton Penquisset Route 4.png Reading Hopkinton, Sawtelle, Grafton, Reading 19.8 Marlboro Road / Bowdoin Boulevard
Penquisset Route 13.png Penquisset Route 1.png Hopkinton Penquisset Route 6.png Hopkinton Hopkinton 2.1 Veswood Avenue
Penquisset Route 14.png Penquisset Route 1.png Warwick Penquisset Route 16.png North Warwick Warwick, North Warwick 8.7 Galilear Road
Penquisset Route 15.png Penquisset Route 1.png Sawtelle Border of Arghenna state at Amherst Sawtelle, Chilmark, Amherst 23.0 Agration Highway
Penquisset Route 16.png Penquisset Route 15.png Chilmark Penquisset Route 6.png South Warwick Chilmark, Walpole, North Warwick, Greenpalm, South Warwick 21.7 Capstone Highway
Penquisset Route 17.png Penquisset Route 1.png Swampscott Border of Aidlenaide state at Swampscott Swampscott 5.5 Swampscott Road
Penquisset Route 18.png Penquisset Route 1.png Stantick Penquisset Route 8.png Ipswich Stantick, Westwood, Ipswich 16.4 Cauldbanks Road
Penquisset Route 19.png
Penquisset Route 20.png Penquisset Route 8.png Danvers Border of Aidlenaide state at Byfield Danvers, Ipswich, Duxbury, Stantick, Archwick, Stenwick, Byfield 40.2 Naulkaway Road
Penquisset Route 21.png Penquisset Route 10.png Dracut Penquisset Route 1.png Dracut Dracut 7.9 Colfax Road
Penquisset Route 22.png Penquisset Route 4.png Marshfield Border of Arghenna state at Marshfield Marshfield 7.8 Arghenna Street
Penquisset Route 23.png Penquisset Route 6.png Duxbury Penquisset Route 6.png Duxbury Duxbury 3.4 Commercial Street
Penquisset Route 24.png Penquisset Route 1.png Penquisset Route 143.png Pelwick Penquisset Route 5.png Groton Pelwick, Triphammer, Groton 19.0 Deer Mountain Highway
Penquisset Route 25.png Penquisset Route 20.png Byfield Penquisset Route 8.png Stenwick Byfield, Stenwick 9.6 Dulmason Road
Penquisset Route 26.png Penquisset Route 1.png Warwick Penquisset Route 4.png Whaleburyport Warwick, South Warwick, Greenpalm, South Whalebury, Whalebury, Whaleburyport 39.7 Greenpalm Highway / Great Plain Ave / Pembroke Road
Penquisset Route 27.png
Penquisset Route 28.png
Penquisset Route 29.png Border of New Carnaby state at Warwick Penquisset Route 1.png Warwick Warwick 13.5 Warwick Point Boulevard
Penquisset Route 30.png Penquisset Route 1.png Natick Penquisset Route 7.png Greylock Natick, Greylock 9.4 Grosevenor Road
Penquisset Route 31.png
Penquisset Route 32.png
Penquisset Route 34.png Penquisset Route 29.png Warwick Penquisset Route 6.png Warwick Warwick 8.2 River Road
Penquisset Route 35.png
Penquisset Route 37.png Penquisset Route 5.png Dunstable Border of Arghenna state at Dunstable Dunstable 8.6 Horizon Road
Penquisset Route 38.png Penquisset Route 1.png Campbourne Border of Arghenna state at Campbourne Campbourne, Pesh Pash Falls Calicka Notch Scenic Highway
Penquisset Route 39.png
Penquisset Route 40.png
Penquisset Route 42.png
Penquisset Route 43.png Penquisset Route 30.png Greylock Border of Arghenna state at Greylock Greylock 8.8 Greylock Road
Penquisset Route 50.png
Penquisset Route 51.png Penquisset Route 17.png Swampscott Penquisset Route 9.png Tyngsboro Swampscott, Tyngsboro 16.1 Three Rock Road / Chicatawbut Road
Penquisset Route 53.png Penquisset Route 7.png Newbury Penquisset Route 10.png Dracut Newbury, Sperantina, Dracut 10.0 Newbury Avenue
Penquisset Route 58.png Penquisset Route 51.png Tyngsboro Border of Aidlenaide state at Tyngsboro Tyngsboro 0.2 Union Street
Penquisset Route 61.png
Penquisset Route 62.png
Penquisset Route 68.png
Penquisset Route 75.png Penquisset Route 4.png Marshfield Penquisset Route 15.png Chilmark Marshfield, Chilmark 9.9 Lemonsnare Turnpike
Penquisset Route 99.png Penquisset Route 4.png Sperantina Penquisset Route 1.png Newburyport Sperantina, Newbury, Newburyport 14.7 Roseland Boulevard
Penquisset Route 100.png Penquisset Route 11.png Chilmark Penquisset Route 1.png Sawtelle Chilmark, Sawtelle 11.7 Sawtelle Highway / Commercial Street
Penquisset Route 100A.png Penquisset Route 100.png Sawtelle Penquisset Route 1.png Sawtelle Sawtelle 1.0 Hopkinton-Sawtelle Commuter Express
Penquisset Route 101.png Penquisset Route 51.png Swampscott Border of Aidlenaide state at Swampscott Swampscott 2.8 Airham Street
Penquisset Route 102.png
Penquisset Route 103.png Penquisset Route 2.png Walpole Penquisset Route 1.png Hopkinton Hopkinton, Walpole 11.1 Hopkinton Shores Drive
Penquisset Route 104.png
Penquisset Route 108.png Penquisset Route 1.png Natick Border of New Carnaby state at Natick Natick 3.1 Tewark Street
Penquisset Route 109.png
Penquisset Route 114.png Penquisset Route 55.png Swampscott Border of Aidlenaide state at Swampscott Swampscott 5.1 Tahanto Boulevard / Ashmont Road
Penquisset Route 127.png
Penquisset Route 133.png Penquisset Route 9.png Tyngsboro Penquisset Route 20.png Archwick Tyngsboro, Archwick 11.4 Goewther Street / Main Street / Ablebury Road
Penquisset Route 137.png
Penquisset Route 143.png Border of Arghenna state at Ludlow Border of New Carnaby state at Triphammer Ludlow, Pelwick, Triphammer 14.0 Two Rivers Highway

Railway Network


PenCross is the commuter rail system that serves the metropolitan areas of the state of Penquisset in the Federal States of Archanta. Pencross has two major hubs where trains disseminate from and converge to, those being Newburyport Station and Warwick Station. For more information, see More Info

Newburyport Beacon

Warwick Transit Authority Subway System

Passenger Rapid Water Transit

Freight Terminals



Penquisset has contributed to Archantan arts and culture. Drawing from its Ingerish roots, along with later immigrant groups, Penquisset has produced a number of writers, artists, and musicians. A number of major museums and important historical sites are also located there, and events and festivals throughout the year celebrate the state's history and heritage.

Penquisset was an early center of the Integralist movement, which emphasized intuition, emotion, human individuality and a deeper connection with nature. Wolf Mennonson, who was born in Warwick but spent much of his later life in Chilmark, largely created the philosophy with his 1829 work "Winds of the Woods", and continued to be a key figure in the movement for the remainder of his life. Mennonson's friend, Lenthi Ranew, who was also involved in Integralism, recorded his year spent alone in a small house among Naspertock Swamp in the 1851 work "Nasperite"

Other famous authors and poets born or strongly associated with Penquisset include Dathan Hewes, Elizabeth Richter, Henry Ludlow, Q.T. Spinelark, Samuel Albert Wry, and Rhesu Grynham. Famous painters from Penquisset include Hinsdale Wone and Oronus Rockaway; many of the latter's works are on display at the Rockaway in Reading.

Penquisset is also an important center for the performing arts. Both the Warwick Symphony Orchestra and Warwick Beacon Orchestra are based in Penquisset. Other orchestras in Penquisset include the Whalebury Symphony Orchestra in South Whalebury, and Anglewood, a music venue that is home to both the Anglewood Music Festival and Anglewood Jazz Festival, as well as the summer host for the Warwick Symphony Orchestra.

Other performing arts and theater organizations in Penquisset include the Warwick Ballet, the Newburyport Lyric Opera, and the Pelwick-based Schraeshere Company. In addition to classical and folk music, Penquisset has produced musicians and bands spanning a number of contemporary genres, such as the classic rock band Rerotour, and the alternative rock band Quahog Bay. Film events in the state include the Newburyport Film Festival, the Warwick International Film Festival, and a number of smaller film festivals in various cities throughout Penquisset.

Penquisset is home to a large Duxbury Village are two open-air museums in Penquisset, recreating life as it was in the early days of Ingerish colonization.

Long-distance hiking trails in Penquisset include the Penquisset Scenic Trail, The Esplanade Trail, the Tri-Valley Trail, the Islington Railbed, and the Otter River Rail trail. Other popular outdoor recreational activities in Penquisset include sailing, freshwater fishing, whale watching, cross-country skiing, and geocaching.


Several small studios are located within Penquisset, with a large concentration located in the town of Byfield, particularly due to the large diversity of biomes, abandoned structures, and even an old fortress that exists there. The four studios located in Byfield (Arcer, Amythest, Pleistacines, and Queen Rock) have become colloquially known as The Pantheon, and have together produced numerous award-winning films, the most notable of which being "The Seconds of Eternity", which received international acclaim. Other notable films include "Iterations", "Waltz for Venus" and "The Time of Saints".


Natick HS and Savoy HS varsity soccer teams competing for the division title (2017)

Sports are one of the most unifying characteristics among citizens of Penquisset. Sporting events have consistently ranked as one of the top ten pastimes in Penquisset for over half a century, and in recent inquiries have been shown to rank at number fourth, only behind video games, television, and cycling. Sporting games tend to draw out relatively large crowds, and the state makes a portion of its revenue for the budget off of Gamarossi Stadium and Yorknew Park, in which the state has joint ownership with their respective private companies. Counties and individual municipalities also have small shares in the stadiums, and therefore over the past two decades there has been a developing political battle between local and state entities to book sporting events primarily at their own respective stadiums in the state. Even some individual high schools in the state with a high end sports complex, such as Marshfield and Natick, have been promoted by local leaders as viable candidates for sporting events in order to bring revenue to their respective areas.

An additional complication to the competition for sporting events is the efforts by counties without professional stadiums to attract sporting attention. For example, Ravelstay county in western Penquisset has continued to voice support for usage of the Natick High School complex for some sporting events, since by state law they would gain some of the revenue generated. Meanwhile, Silver county has continued to put forth a large scale campaign to hype up high school sports, since many of its fields are unfunded, but with increased traffic from audiences to competitive high school games, revenue can be brought to such areas. For this reason several western towns such as Calicka and Groton have put a considerable amount of money into sports programs at the high school level, in order to make their high school teams nationally competent and attention-getting.

At a professional level Penquisset is home to 7 teams, including the Penquisset Skylarks (Baseball), the Warwick Buzz (Basketball), the Warwick Accelerators (Gridiron), the Penquisset Polars (Ice Hockey), the Warwick Starshiners (Soccer), the Newburyport Whalemongers (Soccer), and the Cradleway Riptide (Lacrosse). Many of these teams have rivalries and frequent scrimmages with clubs from the cities of Stanton, Sadikady and Ann'harbor in New Carnaby. Teams usually play at their respective stadiums (Yorknew Park in Warwick for Warwick teams and Gamarossi Stadium in Dracut for Newburyport teams), however occasionally due to scheduling and logistics home games will be at the converse stadium (Only applies for some sports. Ice Hockey, Basketball and Baseball always play in Warwick, due to there being no counterpart associated with Newburyport).

Several universities in Penquisset are notable for their collegiate athletics, including the UPENQ schools, Toth Univesity and the SEE-U. The state is home to several nationally recognized collegiate teams in primarily gridiron, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse.

Penquisset is also the home of several rowing and golf events and itinerant tournaments.

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