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PetroCar - Petróleo Carioca
PetroCar Logo
Traded asPECA
IndustryOil and gas
HeadquartersItacolomi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas
Area Served Flag itc1.png Cariocas
Key PeopleF.Pasco, CEO
 motor fuels
Service(s)petroleum drilling
 petroleum extraction
 petroleum refining
 petroleum distribution
 gas stations
Number of employees3.570
DivisionsPetrocar Perfuração (drilling)
 Petrocar Exploração (extraction)
 Petrocar Final (refining and distribution)

PetroCar is the national oil and gas company from Cariocas.


The Lone Star is the only offshore rig of the company.
The company was founded 1970, under a presidencial edict in 1970, when a team of researchers found oil around Caratuama, in east Paranabi district. Since that date, Cariocas decreased fuel imports, but was not yet a self-sufficient country.

The company began to expand operations, building and renting two offshore units to drill in other countries such as Belgravia and Brasonia for several years, despite still refining the oil out of the country at that time.

The times changed in 2012, a historic year to the company and the country. It would be a very bad year due to the decline in production in on-shore fields, but a group of geologists from Universidade Federal de Itacolomi discovered a big oil basin in Piratiba southwest.

This way, the country ceased to be importer to become an oil exporter. PetroCar brought back its two units and bought another to explore the newly discovered field.


The company operates in all stages, from drilling to distribution to final consumers.

Since 2013, PetroCar decided to suspend the on-shore drilling and focus only on off-shore drilling. All employees have been trained and relocated to the new scenery.


Peregine Forever is one of the two drilling ships of the company.

Currently, there are only three off-shore drilling units in the company, all of them operating in "Bacia de Cariocas do Sul" (South Cariocas Basin), close to Piratiba. These units belongs to PetroCar Perfuração, a division operating only with drilling.

According to a national law, 90% of the crew is made up of cariocas workers.

Name Code Type Location
Peregrine Forever NS-79 ship map
Velho Abraão NS-70 ship map
The Lone Star SS-16 rig map

PetroCar is considering a possibility of contract some foreigner rig or drilling ship soon, looking for a increase in the exploration.

Velho Abraão is a old drilling ship, but still with good performance.

The two drilling ships of the company are relatively old, but still has been very good performance in operations.


Name Code Type Location
Dezesseis Setenove PC-1 FPSO map

Refining and Transport

Name Code Type Location
Refinaria de Piratiba RePira port and refinery [ map]
TBD TBD cargo ship [ map]

International Operations

PetroCar also exports oil supply and/or owns gas stations to some countries, like Brasonia, Belgravia and Luslandia.