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Philipsson Electricræft
TypePublicly Traded
Traded asPHI
IndustryConsumer electronics
 rolling stock
HeadquartersDunwic, Myrcia
Area Served Myrcia

Philipsson is a large manufacturing and electronics corporation in Myrcia. It trades on the MYRX under PHI. Philipsson was traditionally based in the Strijp industrial areas of south Dunwic. They still have facilities (including their headquarters) in Strijp-D (56.30999 N, 19.24474 E) but their factories in Strijp-E have been converted into residential and commercial property. Newer facilities have been built along the M1 corridor between St Grimbald and Dunwic in the last decade.


Consumer Electronics

The manufacture of consumer electronics continues to be Philipsson's central industry. Philipsson products are known to utilise quality design and components and are sold across the world. Kyngeshuset department stores have an established relationship with Philipsson to sell exclusive items in their stores.

Rolling Stock

Philipsson manufactures all of the rolling stock for Railweg Myrcia and Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic as the result of long-standing contracts with the Myrcian government. The rolling stock facilities are located outside of St Grimbald and include a test track and maintenance facilities. Philipsson also produce rolling stock for a number of international customers which can vary from tram cars to high speed train sets.

Shipping Containers

Philipsson is a major manufacturer of shipping containers used by a number of Myrcian and Ulethan shipping companies. The Philipsson plant in St Alfæd (56.57076 N, 20.08638 E) uses steel, mostly imported through St Alfæd Port, to manufacture intermodal freight containers.