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Political divisions of Paroy, also called administrative divisions of Paroy are the various governing entities that together form the Republic of Paroy.

Paroy States Blank Map.png

Types of divisions

In Paroy, different administrative entities are used in the political division system. These entities are spread over 6 levels of the government system.

Level Rural Urban Example
1 State
Federal district
Special territories
2 Federal region Lower Ansy
3 District Metropolitan area Trevers-Ansley
4 Municipality City Trevers
5 Township
Vale Cross
6 Locality
Neighborhood Lattimore


The first level consists of states, federal districts and special territories. The state is the primary political unit in Paroy. The Republic as a whole, as well as all the states are seen as sovereign juristictions, which means that the states themselves also have legislative power. Paroy is subdivided in 11 states.

Federal districts are separate governmental bodies that are not seen as a state, but are under direct control of the federal government. The Federal Capital District is the only government body labeled as federal district.

Special territories are territories not assigned as political subdivisions, yet it is seen as a special category in the first layer. Special territories include military installations such as navy bases and military airports, but also Paroyan embassies and consulates located in other countries.


States are subdivided into federal regions. The federal region is the only entity in the second level. Federal regions are regions that are assigned by the federal government for better classification. They are also used for elections and federal referendums. Regions do not have legislative power. 


The third level is comprised of districts and metropolitan areas. Districts are the equivalent for counties and are usually assigned some level of governmental authority. States as well as federal regions are subdivided into multiple districts, but districts do only execute orders from the state government as the federal region is not a governing level.

Larger cities are called metropoles and have a large area that is dependent on the urban core. These areas are called metropolitan areas in demographic terms. In Paroy, metropolitan areas are also seen as a different type of government. By law, metropolitan areas are equal to districts in terms of legislature, but in practice, a metropolitan area often has much influence on surrounding districts. The metropolitan government has more power than the government of the metropolis itself and is sometimes even merged like in Trevers, where the metropolitan government is located in city hall.


Municipalities and cities are placed on the fourth level in the system. Municipalities are the subdivision of districts. On the same level are cities, a subdivision of districts or metropolitan areas. In the latter case, cities are the largest division of a large metropolitan area. Some smaller metropolitan areas only have the minimum of one city.


The fifth level groups towns, villages, boroughs, suburbs and other larger subdivisions of a city or a municipality. In rural areas, these towns are often the core of a surrounding “dependent” area. In smaller urban areas, these are often the satellite towns, but there may also be no entities of this level. In larger urban areas and metropoles, these subdivisions are mostly suburbs and smaller surrounding towns that are not in the city border. While these settlements may be located in the same metropolitan area, they can be independent and not be seen as part of the city. In reality this level is often difficult to distinguish.


The sixth level is the last level in the system. In rural areas, these are often localities or hamlets, while in urban areas and metropoles, these could also be small villages or neighborhoods. Although lacking an official legislature, most of the entities on this level have their own community with their own values, customs and arrangements.

List of political divisions

The primary political unit of Paroy is the state.

Ingerish name French name Code Capital Area (km2) Population Density (per km2) Map
Andora Flag.png Andora Andore AN, AND Bluemond 7 900 000 Map
No flag.png Columbus Colombe CO, COL Map
No flag.png Dorges Dorgiou DO, DOR Map
No flag.png Linton Linton LN, LIN Map
No flag.png Madison Madison MD, MAD Map
Magali Flag.png Magali Magali MG, MAG Map
No flag.png Monterey Montrey MT, MON Helena Map
Nissony Flag.png Nissony Nissonne NS, NIS Batesville Map
No flag.png Radigan Radigan RA, RAD Map
Verona Flag.png Verona Verone VR, VER Trevers Map
No flag.png Winnett Vinnet WN, WIN Emison Map

Due to both Ingerish and Franquese influences, state names both have an Ingerish and a Franquese name. The name in bold are the original state names according to the Federal Government.

Federal districts

Name Code Capital Area (km2) Population Density (per km2) Map
FlagFCD.png Federal Capital District FCD Coleraine 16 000 000 Soon