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15, -1.9221, 32.2717
Suburb of Saviso
The Chambers Hotel on Pontefract Road
 • Territorial authorityBorough of Pontefract
 • Provincial electorateSthilldina
 • National electoratePontefract
 • Estimate (2016)12,800
 • Census (2012)11,658
Postal Code5660
Telephone Code057 515
Metro Eastern 
 North Harbour 
Tram 2   3   16   50 

Pontefract is a suburb of Saviso, St Austell, Vodeo, approximately 6 kilometres east of Saviso's central business district. It is the council seat of the Borough of Pontefract. At the 2012 census it had a population of 11,658. The suburb is bordered to the north by Cotherdyne, to the east by Pontefract Bay, and to the south by Stokes Beach.

During the Adelaidean era, Pontefract became a favoured suburb of Saviso's elite, and a number of grand houses, shops, and hotels were constructed along Tenterfield Parade. By the late 1960s the suburb became home to bohemians and a number of subcultures, and by the mid-1970s had established itself as Saviso's main alternative lifestyle hub. Gentrification from the mid-1980s onward forced most of the suburb's subcultures out to other suburbs, most notably Tweed and Harborough. Today Pontefract is the country's most expensive suburb, comparable with Afton in Holme and Portsea in Avington.

Pontefract is home to Pontefract Beach, Saviso's most famous and most popular beach.


Pontefract is well-served by Saviso's public transport network. Pontefract Railway Station is a main stop on both the Eastern and North Harbour railway lines, and the suburb is also served by four tram routes: route 2 to Asquith Bay, route 3 to Port Saviso, route 16 to Airdrie and Enfield, and route 50 to the city and Meredith.

Pontefract is the western terminus of the Pontefract-Avoca ferry, which prior to 1901 was the main means of access to Cobalt Island.