Port Blanton

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14, 5.7971, 141.3625
Port Blanton
"'Believe in freedom'"
 • RegionDuvar
Ethnic Groups
NationalitiesNot known
DemonymPort Blantonian
 • Civic RepresentativeMargaret Kingman
 • Total
 • Urban
 • Rural
Elevation15 m (49 ft)
 • Estimate (2014)15,200
 • Census (2013)15,058

Port Blanton is a city in Commonia. It has about 15,000 inhabitants and is a de facto western suburb of Altaville, enjoying the same economic benefits Altaville receives due to the Assembly of Nations Naval Base. Port Blanton is considerably older than Altaville, dating to 1812 when colonized by a small group of Wiwaxian settlers after landing on what is near Washer's Walk. The Governor of Port Blanton is an official mayoral title held to this day from colonial times. The Governors Mansion, also known as the Port Blanton Court House is a large court house and home located in Governors Park.

It is the third-largest settlement in the Duvar Region, which officially became a city on September 9, 2016 so that it would be on equal ground with its neighbour Altaville. The suburbs of Ardis, Eastley, Wilber, Bellevue and Gravirna were officially created at the same time.