Port Saviso

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14, -1.9173, 32.1214
Port Saviso
Suburb of Saviso
Evans Road industrial area
 • Territorial authorityPort Saviso City
 • Provincial electorateSignal Bay
 • National electoratePort Saviso
 • Estimate (2016)16,215
 • Census (2012)14,786
Postal Code5624
Telephone Code057 403
Metro Port Saviso   Weymouth 
Tram 3   4   47 

Port Saviso is a suburb of Saviso, St Austell, Vodeo, approximately 10 kilometres west of Saviso's central business district. It is the council seat of Port Saviso City. At the 2012 census it had a population of 14,786. The suburb is bordered to the north by the Saviso Harbour, to the east by Signal Bay, to the southeast by Blakeleigh, to the south by Cobico, and to the west by Cunard Bay. Port Saviso is the location of Vodeo's largest container port and one of Saviso's oldest industrial areas.