Pretanic Lake

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Pretanic Lake

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Pretanic Lake
LocationInara Basin
River sourcesDrish, Bambith, Fritz
Basin countriesFlsg.jpg Pretany
Inaraflag.jpg Inara
Surface elevation65 feet
IslandsCarricknagower, Kilnamanagh, Inara
Major citiesPretanic Lake City, Inara, Gelliagaway
Major portsPort Inara
Pretanic Lake.

Pretanic Lake is a large caldera crater lake in the center of the Kingdom of Pretany, in the Inara Basin. More the size of an inland sea, it is one of the largest lakes in the world, and the largest in Uletha, formed during the last eruption from the Inara Supervolcano. The kingdom of Inara sits on an island in the center of the lake. Nearly 7 million people live on it's shores.

The lake has a surfice area of 18,949.37 km² or 7,316 sqm. The lake also has a maximum depth of 840 feet.