Principality of Melker

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Principality of Melker



Quia Princeps
Melker, United
Capital Melker
Languages Ingerish
Government Absolute Monarchy
 • Established 1756
 • Disestablished 14 April 1933
Today part of Flag3.jpg Auleus

The Principality of Melker, Melker was a country south of the Empire of Auleus in the ocean.


The Principality of Melker was created in 1756 by the locals after it's abandonment by the Ingerish in favour of the Colony of Aul. It had a succession of princes and was generally untouched until the expansion of the Empire of Auleus in 1885. The Melkerns managed to hold the empire back for twenty years, until they were finally annexed in 1905. Now facing the possibility of fighting a guerrilla war the empire granted the Principality it's independence on the condition that it allied with the Empire of Auleus in case of a war.

The Aulean Civil War came which the Empire lost and the Principality of Melker was annexed by the Republic of Auleus