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Progress World Network in the news sense is a news network focusing on Freedemian News. The network owns several television networks and radio networks and does focus on world issues, but from a Freedemian Perspective. However, the network also airs many popular television and radio shows, including comedies and sitcoms, late night shows, and other popular dramas. Occasionally, PWN will also air sermons (mainly on Sundays). PWN is also affiliated with Intergalactic Studios.

Progress World Network
PWN logo
IndustryMass media
FounderAlex Fredricks
HeadquartersLaneston, Freedemia
Area Served FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia, international
Key PeopleCarlos Moore-Garcia, CEO
ProductsBroadcasting, radio, web portals
Parent CompanyIntergalactic Studios
PredecessorProgress National Network (1949 - 1985)

The PWN Logo.


The network basically consists of four distinct channels-

  • PWN, airs news and television shows
  • PWNNews, 24-7 news channel
  • PWNKids, kids programming
  • PWNSports, shows sporting events from Freedemia and around the world.

Some places also have PWNLocal, a channel focusing on local life, weather, traffic and news.

PWN is also partnering with OGN to bring Freedemian news in Ingerish to an international audience..

Stations across Freedemia



Back in the 1950's, National Television Network, the earliest created of the "Freedemian Four", dominated television, while Progress World Network, which at the time was called Progress National Network or PNN, came consistently as a close second. Freedemian Broadcasting Channel was founded in 1961 but rapidly rose to compete with Progress National Network for second place. Originally, a network called National Freedemian Television (NFT) was also part of the top four, stemming from Betterview Pictures. However, NFT would not see long term success beyond the 1980s- while it still exists today, it is no longer affiliated with Betterview Pictures and now exists as a more independent network with differing programming in each major city. Freedemian/Tarephian Television wouldn't be created until 1982, giving it a much later start.

Around 1969, Progress National Network began to grow and expand greatly. Between 1962 and 1969, new programming, one of the first thirty minute national evening news segments (then called Progress National Nightly News), becoming the first Freedemian network to begin broadcasting nationally in color, becoming the first Freedemian network to create a morning news show with hard news alongside more entertaining segments, and becoming the first Freedemian network to air sermons on Sunday mornings instead of paid programming, helped propel Progress National Network to the front to compete directly with still dominant National Television Network.

In 1974, after NTN aired a very controversial pro-war program, Fire with Fire, much of the largely pacifist population chose to transition over to watching PNN. In Quentinsburgh, NTN would lose their strongest most popular affiliate, FQHM 25, as the owners of the affiliate disagreed with the stance and refused to renew. FQHM would become the Quentinsburgh area's NFT affiliate, while NTN would be forced to join FKET 4, which at the time was Quentinsburgh's weakest non-affiliated station. This left much of the area beyond central and western Quentinsburgh, one of the largest areas of viewers, without NTN coverage until 1977, when NTN finally managed to snag FJAS 2, a new, up and coming station that could compete easily with Progress National Network's broadcasting capacity. Over those three years, however, Progress National Network rose rapidly to the top, as many NTN viewers flocked to PNN. FBC saw a large boost in that time as well.

By 1980, Progress National Network ranked first, while Freedemian Broadcasting Channel and National Television Network were fighting for second. Around this time, National Freedemian Television started to slowly go downhill. Betterview programming wasn't succeeding on the channel, and news syndicates couldn't compete with the higher quality offerings of PNN, NTN and FBC. In 1981, Betterview Pictures gave up on the channel, taking the division and spinning it off of the main company after failing to find a buyer. Considering, NFT has seen far more 'success' than was expected, as most thought the station would completely die by 1985. Eventually, NFT would reinvent itself as the network that operates completely differently from city to city.

Today, Progress World Network ranks first in Freedemia by huge margins, followed by National Television Network and Freedemian Broadcasting Company.