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Flag province Nutria

The province of Nutria belongs to the metropolitain region of Latina. The capital of the country, Latina (Cidudad), is one of the neighbours of the province Nutria in the east. In the west of Nutria is the province Mesa Verde, in the south Sierra Ponente.

The province of Nutria is closed related with the capital town. Many inhabitants work in Latina but live in the province. So it is a dense net of commuter-railways to Latina (Cidudad).

Greatest town and capital is Nutria (Cidudad)


Cantones of the province Nutria
  • Motorways = # 1 (Latina - Cordoba), # 2 (Latina - to the northwest), # 3 (Latina - Du Bois), # 10 (Beltway round Latina (Cidudad) and # 12 (Latina to the southern coast at the Sierra Ponente). Trunk-route # 24 from Latina via Youlanta to the beaches.
  • AVE-hi-speed railway = Line # 1 in Nutria to Latina (Cidudad) and to Cordoba and the western boundary
  • Airport = next is Latina Intercontinental Airport in the province Rio Oriente or the airport near Saguset


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The pretty town of Bahia Zigonias

The province has a from north to the south long stretching form. So north of the Rio Guimbras is hilly land, between the Rio Guimbras and the Rio Erantamur more flat land, that to the west goes over in the flat plain of the Mese Verde. South of the Rio Erantamur are more higher hills. Further to the south this mountains become higher and higer - this is the beginning of the Sierra Ponente.

Before the coastline lay some hilly islands, from which a part belongs to the province Saguset

The province on map see please at 9, -13.5993, 39.5389






Province Capital Inhabitants km² Density Car-Code Notes
Nutria Nutria (Cidudad) 2.321.148 NU-


No. Name Capital Tel Post Car-Code Inhabitants Notes
1 Nutria Nutria 015 1501 ff -N 435.902
2 Tiporetto Tiporetto 016-1,2,3... 1610 ff -T 346.962
3 Aquino Aquino 016-4,5,6... 1640 ff -A 433.954
4 San Franzisko (NU) San Franzisko (NU) 017-1,2,3... 1710 ff -F 400.635
5 Youlanta Youlanta 017-4,5,6... 1740 ff -Y 491.633
6 Bahia Bahia Zigonias 017-7,8,9... 1770 ff -Z 612.072
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