Pyingshum International Airport

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Pyingshum International Airport
Basic informations
Country Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo
City Pyingshum
Began operation ----
ANACA ----
Time zone +7
Elevation AMSL ----
Passengers 67,200,000
Aircraft operations 440,000
Direction Length
09L/27R 2931 m
09R/27L 2931 m
L10/R28 3561 m
R10/L28 3561 m
Number Length

Pyingshum International Airport (Kojolese: Pyingshum Mijizággai A'éropō) is a large international airport that serves Kojo's capital Pyingshum, and also serves as a hub for most intercontinental flights to and from Kojo and its airline KojAir. Since its latest expansion the airport features 95 gates at 6 terminals.


Terminal Gates Flights PAX opened
A 23 mostly long-haul 1992/1994
B 22 mostly long-haul 2009
1 14 mostly regional 1988
2 21 mostly regional 1988
3 7 domestic 1993
4 8 private jets and exclusive lounge 2000

Currently there is expansion work being done at terminal one, and preparatory work for a future terminal C.

Rail connections

The airport is a hub for regional KC and KCP trains and is also served by some IC services coming from the south towards Aku-Dyanchezi; as a result, smaller airports in cities along these IC lines such as in Kippa or Jaka have a significantly lower passenger count in relation to the population in the area they serve than airports in other parts of the country, because many travelers just take an IC train to the much larger PSM Int. Airport.

The following list lists all IC services connecting the airport; all IC services from Aku-Dyanchezi pass through the airport, and trains that don't stop here pass at speeds of up to 200 km/h.

Number Stops Headway Rolling Stock Notes
IC 1 Pyingshum ADC, PSM Int. Airport, Kahyuemgúchi, Leshfyomi-sul, Púlmaerong ZC (Kippa), Kippa ZC, Láoféi, Kimelíngsan-shu, Jaka Kayaran 1 h (3+3) -/-
IC 3 Pyingshum ADC, PSM Int. Airport , Kahyuemgúchi, Nároggul, Igilaē, Womenlū, Zúkshi (Fóskiman h.), Finkyáse, Marbella, Ataraxie-Ville 1 h (4+4) -/-
Ántibes 1 h (4+4) -/-
1 h (4+4) -/-
IC 5 Pyingshum ADC, PSM Int. Airport, Kahyuemgúchi, Leshfyomi-sul, Púlmaerong ZC (Kippa), Kippa ZC, Tamrong, Hetta, Womenlū, Zúkshi (Fóskiman h.), Finkyáse 1 h 2N -/-

There are no CC trains passing through or stopping at the airport.

The airports is connected to the city's Papáchē network. Routes A and C have a terminus at the airport transportation hub, which has the network number 11. That means any train of route A or C which has 11 as their direction is bound for the airport.

To make use of the spare capacity on the IC and CC services between Aku-Dyanchezi and the airport, customers heading only towards the business quarter around the station and not onward into the city centre can use the high-speed trains for the same price as the equivalent Papáchē tickets, cutting the journey time to only 11 compared to roughly 16 minutes.

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Domestic flights

All domestic flights in Kojo are operated by KojAir.

Regional destinations

Destination Flights/day Notes
Ataraxia International Airport 8 (+6)
Feneix Gateway Airport 4 (+?)
Oyonnax 4 (+4)
Léopoldville 3 (+3)
Élisabethville 2
Ginex 2
Stanleyville 2
St. Sébastien 10 a week
Wiwax Pargiter International Airport 5 (+?)
Lydgate Mary Garth International Airport 2 (+?)
Delvile International Airport 3 (+?)


  • Terminals 1, 2, A and B do not feature a gate 13, despite having more than 13 gates. This is because of miscommunication between the government and the planning company, which applied international building recommendations that were not asked for by the authorities, amongst others to avoid the number 13, despite the number not being traditionally thought of as a number of bad luck in Kojo. It was decided against to change the plans later however, to avoid costs. Terminal 2 features a gate 213. Other gate numbers that are missing do so, because they were used for virtual bus-only gates that since there are enough landing bridges have been dismantled.