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Qennesan language
Kloasă Kaneșă (qn)
Native toQennes
RegionIviran Coast
Native speakers~3,100,000 (2021)
Erasince the 15th century
Language familyUletarephian
Early formsRomantian
DialectsCentral Qennesan
Standard formsCentral Qennesan
Writing systemin Qennes:
modified Romantian alphabets
Official status
Official language inQennes.png Qennes
Regulated byAcademy of Romany
House of Literature of Qennes
OGFL-1qn (ro-qn)

Qennesan (Qennesan: Kloasă Kaneșă) is one of the 4 official language in Qennes, and the lingua franca of the country. It is part of the Central Ulethan Romantish language groups. It is closely related to the languages of both Romanish and Eganian, often regarded as a mixture of the two, however it is still closer to Romanish. It is both recognized as its own language and a dialect of Romanish.

A motivational poster in Qennesan saying "Your voice matters - Use it!"