Queen Cornelia II

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Queen Cornelia II is the current queen of Wiwaxia. She is the longest reigning monarch of the country, having been crowned in 1957.

Queen Cornelia II at the time of her coronation in 1957.

Birth and Early Life

Cornelia II was born to Queen Dinah and Prince Ormond, Lord Caterham, at Excelsior Palace in 1932. The only daughter of Queen Dinah, she grew up in the palace, spending summers at Matchless. Breaking with tradition, she was a day student at the Queue Street Academy rather than being sent away to the St. Elphine School for Girls in Starkadder. She graduated in 1950 and began to assume full duties as the Crown Princess, officiating at events and serving on the boards of her various royal charities. She also enrolled in Lasswade University, studying mathematics and when she was 19, moved into an apartment on East Anise St., overlooking Renny Park and not far from the campus. At this time, she unsuccessfully petitioned her mother to decrease her royal duties so she could concentrate on her studies; this caused a visible rift between mother and daughter, with Cornelia noticeably absent at the private family celebrations of Queen Dinah's 50th birthday.


At Lasswade University, the princess met John Michael Arrowsmith, who was in a study group together with her. Queen Cornelia later admitted that the two began to date in secret starting already in 1952 with the collusion of several of their friends. The ruse was difficult to keep up, and the two were caught by the press in quick succession first at the cinema and then when Arrowsmith was seeing the princess off at the train station. Though Queen Dinah disapproved privately, the princess was granted permission to date Arrowsmith; the queen did not go so far as to approve marriage however.

In 1957, Queen Dinah died suddenly of a heart attack and the princess was crowned Queen Cornelia II, at the age of 25 in the Great Church in Wiwaxmouthe. The young queen, visibly shaken up by her mother's death, captured the hearts of Wiwaxians, giving her instant popularity with her people.


Queen Cornelia further sealed her popularity by announcing her impending marriage to Arrowsmith. The two were married at the Great Church in early 1958, and prior to the ceremony Arrowsmith was given the title of Prince John Michael, Lord Matchless.

The royal couple have two children: Princess Dinah, born in 1961 and Prince Edmund, born in 1964.

Middle Years

The queen celebrated her silver jubilee in 1983; the jubilee was celebrated with a grand tour of Wiwaxia by the queen. The Pink Line of the Wiwaxmouthe City Subway was opened in honor of the jubilee.

Later Years

The queen's first grandchild was born to Prince Edmund in 1996, Lady Eliza Matchless. The Crown Princess Dinah gave birth to a daughter in 1997, Princess Adelaide.

In 2007, Queen Cornelia's Golden Jubilee was celebrated, culminating in a grand celebration that was attended by heads of state President Fernando Guitrez of Latina; King David XII of St. Marks and Pretanian Prime Minister Rodney Wallaver; President Nikolas Mitragany of Rogolnika; President Rülik Loeslaes of Karolia; President Rogelio Gil of the Ardisphere; and many others.