Quentin Wilsonovich

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The Earl Wilsonovich of Divnogorsk and Farend
BornКуентин Вилсоновицх, 1883
Place of BirthDivnogorsk and Farend
Country of BirthFinal design.png Commonia
Died16 May 1964 Carran, Auleus
NationalityCommonian later Aulean
Known forWisonovich's, founder
Political PartyConservative Party of Auleus

Sir Quentin von Wilsonovich, Earl Wilsonovich of Divnogorsk and Farend (1883-1964) was a Commonian later Aulean entrepreneur who is known for founding Wilsonovich's.

Early Life and Civil War

Quentin Wilsonovich was born as Куентин Вилсоновицх in a settlement in Divnogorsk and Farend to Ingerish parents in 1883. He lived there until he fled from the rule of Chiano Lu and was encouraged to join the Army of Liberation in the Aulean Civil War.


Six months after the Civil War he bought a shop in Carran to sell wares from Commonia. Quentin then changed his name from Куентин Вилсоновицх to Quentin Wilsonovich and also change his shop's name to Wilsonovich's. Wilsonovich's was very successful and started selling other things.

Later Life

Quentin retired an small island in the mouth of Carran Bay where he died on the 16 of May 1964.

Style of adress

1883 - 9 October 1932: Mr Куентин Вилсоновицх

9 October 1932 - 14 April 1952: Mr Quentin Wilsonovich

14 April 1952 - 14 April 1962: Sir Quentin von Wilsonovich

14 April 1962 - 16 May 1964: The Right Honourable Earl Wilsonovich of Divnogorsk and Farend