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11, -3.3112, -2.3730
StateQuentinsflag.jpg Quentins
 • CountryFreedemianFlag.jpg Freedemia
NationalitiesFreedemians (69%), Naturian (14%), Narghanan (7%), Other (10%)
 • Estimate (2014)4,601,077
Metroyes- QUARTA
Tram3 lines, Airport, Fairgrounds, and Geolympiad complex


Quentinsburgh is the capital of the United Freedemian Union and the capital of the state of Quentins. With a population of about 4.6 million according to the 2014 census, Quentinsburgh is one of the largest cities in Freedemia. It is also known as the main city of Freedemia, at the center of the nation's culture, government, and economy.

As the capital of the country, all of the main government buildings, the legislative buildings, the executive mansion and the Freedemian National Court buildings are located in downtown Quentinsburgh, mostly located throughout the Capitol Mall.

Quentinsburgh has recently reached the status of a global city, upon its winning of the bidding for the 2016 Summer Geolympiad. It is still currently the biggest tourist city in Freedemia, and it is slowly rising on the ranks of popular historic cities. It is also one of the safest cities in the world.


Quentinsburgh was originally known as the settlement of Quentinstowne upon its founding in the 1540s as one of the earliest colonies in Western Tarephia. As it grew in the 1600's and 1700's it became known as Quentinsburgh. The town was the first major settlement in what is now Freedemia, and one of the first settlements overall, as Ingerish settlers stopped there after attempting to continue south down the coast from Nature. Quentinsburgh would become the largest settlement in the Freedemian colonies until Graham City grew to be larger due to its optimal location for a trade hub with the large inlet of water.

While Freedemia was founded in the 1790's, Quentinsburgh didn't became the capital of the growing nation of Freedemia until 1806, the year the United Freedemian Union officially organized the official government system.

Historic, yet Modern

Quentinsburgh is famous for its balance between modern and historic. Most things, places, and buildings are designed to have a sleek, modern look, but with at least a couple small touches to help it blend with the historic surroundings. This especially applies to Quentinsburgh's historic downtown, where tall, modern skyscrapers coexist with traditional historic churches and other buildings.

The Quentinsburgh Chamber of Commerce launched an initiative in 1994 that helps restore historic buildings while modernizing them with modern amenities and comforts. This initiative has been extremely successful, and has helped to give Quentinsburgh its identity.

[[|400px|thumb|left|Franklin Freeman Public Library in Downtown Quentinsburgh.]]


  • Highfield
  • Sandboro
  • Elmo Beach
  • Hayes Island
  • Mathersboro
  • Northcross
  • Carrol Hill
  • Franklin Hill
  • Haroldsborough
  • Gillepsie
  • Berkeley Ridge


From the 1990's to 2015, Quentinsburgh has consistently grown, growing from about 3.8 million people to 4.6 million. This could partially be due to the mass exodus Graham City (formerly Freedemia's largest city) has experienced over the same time, shrinking from about 5.3 million to 1.5 million.


  • Embassy Square
  • Station Square South
  • Historic Hayes Neighborhood
  • Warren Square
  • Old Kolden Neighborhood
  • Read Plaza
  • Historic Dell South Neighborhood
  • more...



Climate data for Quentinsburgh (Quentins State International University, Downtown), 1976–2014 normals
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 36.7
Average low °C (°F) 21.1
Average rainfall mm (inches) 152.4
Average rainy days (≥ 0.01 mm) 15 12 10 25 20 8 10 13 15 16 14 18 176
Mean monthly sunshine hours 201 193 182 163 185 187 191 193 201 202 204 203 2,305
Percent possible sunshine 81 80 79 76 73 71 68 69 72 76 82 85 76
Source: Freedemian Center for Meteorological Information

Culture and Nightlife

The term "nightlife" has a bit of a different meaning in Quentinsburgh- a 'night on the town' could be something like going to a play or a symphony, taking a walk through a park and getting a bite to eat at one of downtown's pristine restaurants, generally open late. A lot of restaurants, especially in the downtown area, are deliberately open until 2 am or later for that exact purpose- signature restaurants offer everything from gourmet meals in fancy environments to unique basic dishes in rustic environments.


Quentinsburgh is generally the center of unique Freedemian food, being the capital and main cultural hub. Like in Freedemia as a whole, Quentinsburgh is known for keeping food simple, but delicious. Food there isn't that ridiculously fancy, but still quite delicious. They are known for things like quality cheeseburgers (not the beef/turkey itself, but the meal) and their bake-fried chicken. They are also known for widespread turkey and beef substitutions that taste just as good or better than their equivalent meats. (Turkey as substitute for beef, beef or turkey as pork substitutions). Pork is not very popular in Freedemia. Freedemian BBQ is quite popular and generally consists of beef or chicken. Chicken and egg products are huge in Freedemian food, as are lamb products (especially moreso after gaining closer relations with Woolonia) and rice products, since rice is grown in the region. One common meal involves lamb, chicken, brown rice, peppers and squash, known as Pepper Squash Chicken Lamb. The tropical environment makes it convenient to grow tropical fruits, such as the Freedemian Turtlefruit, a fruit closely related to the pineapple but with an outside that resembles a turtle shell and a slightly greener interior, and the Freedemian huevomango, a mostly whitish-reddish mango that mainly grows in Freedemia.

This isn't quite a Pizacyro, but has many of the same ingredients. A Pizacyro would have more cheese and sauce, as well as more chicken, squash, and peppers.

One meal that is distinctly Quentinsburghian is Chicken Lamb Pizacyro, almost a cross between a gyro, a pizza, and a taco- a piece of pita lined with mozzarella and cheddar cheese and sauce is covered in shreds of lamb and chicken, lettuce, dressing or sour cream, chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, a bit of brown rice for texture, squash, and peppers, rolled into a taco-like pastry of sorts.

Arts and Music

The Freedemian National Symphony performing at Lieber Concert and Symphony Hall.
The Quentins Mass Choir.
The Garland Swing Team, one of many famous smaller jazz groups in Quentinsburgh.
Jasmine Shefferd, famous Quentinsburghian Gospel artist.
TechLab Night, an experimental music group from the 1980s that largely inspired Stereo Cast and other similar later groups.

Quentinsburgh is the center of the Arts in Freedemia as well. The city is home to the Freedemian National Symphony, based in Lieber Concert and Symphony Hall in Historic Quentinsburgh. It is also home to a lot of awesome plays, and with Betterview Pictures based out of nearby Laneston, it is also the place that sees the world premiers of a lot of the world's most wholesome television shows and movies. Quentinsburgh is also home to the famous Quentins Mass Choir, jazz legends like Ellie Armstrong and the Freedemian Jazz Troop and other types of music like experimental from groups like Stereo Cast.

Ragtime Music is also very popular. Quentinsburgh was the home of John Scoplin, the original "King of Ragtime", as well as several other famous ragtime artists like James Joe Lambskitt.

Other Wholesome Fun

Star World Amusement Park is a small historic boardwalk-side park at Carey Dell Beach just south of downtown. Thrill Planet is an amusement park a few miles north of Quentinsburgh that is well known nationwide and worldwide for being one of the world's best amusement parks.

Television and Radio

Over The Air TV


  • FJAS 2- NTN- Nationwide Television Network Quentinsburgh
  • 2-2- FJAS-WT NTN WeatherAndTraffic Quentinsburgh
  • 13-1- FQTN-TV PWN Quentinsburgh
  • 13-2- FQTN-LC PWNLocal- Quentinsburgh Traffic and Weather
  • 13-3- FQTN-NW PWNNews
  • 13-4- FQTN-KD PWNKids
  • 13-5- FQTN-SP PWNSports
  • FQSU 24- PTN- People's Television Network- Quentins State University
  • 24-1- PTN
  • 24-2- PTNKids (Educational Kids Programing)
  • 24-3- PTNDocumentaries (Science, History, Documentaries, etc)
  • FQHM 25- NFT- National Freedemian Television Quentinsburgh
  • FWWV 27- CTN- Century Television Network Quentinsburgh
  • FFCF 30- FTN- Faith Television Network- Faith Comes First!
  • 30-1- FFCF-TV FTN
  • 30-2- FFCF-SR FTN SermonNetwork
  • 30-3- FFCF-KZ FTN FaithKidsForChrist
  • 30-4- FFCF-MV FTN Christian Movie Network
  • FBVT 35- BVTV- Betterview Television
  • 35-1- FBVT-TV Betterview Televison
  • 35-2- FBVT-KZ BVKidz Television
  • 35-3- FBVT-CC BVCartoonCentral
  • FKKL 41- WHEN- WHolesome Entertainment Network
  • 41-1- WHEN-TV WHEN
  • 41-2- WHEN-KI WHENkids- wholesome Christian programing for kids
  • 41-3- WHEN-FL WHENfilm
  • FYSC 42- CeTV- Classic Entertainment Television
  • FFBC 57- FBC- Freedemian Broadcasting Channel Quentinsburgh
  • FQES 64- Unimundo (Latinian)
  • FSPN 67- FSN- Freedemian Sports Network (operated by PWN)


  • FQTN 112.5FM Progress World Network Radio Quentinsburgh
  • FBCN 107.3FM The Beacon 107.3- Quentinsburgh's Gospel Station
  • FJZZ 98.8FM JazzSpot Radio
  • 720AM Quentinsburgh News Radio

Cable/Dish (pay per channel)

Freedemia is home to a unique Cable/Dish way of selling channels- Citizens pay only for the channels they want (plus any additional costs for DVR, etc.) Not every cable/dish company is owned by the same company, but they are required by law to provide this service. PayChan, a Freedemian dish company, is credited with creating the concept of paying per channel.


Public Transportation

Quentinsburgh is home to QUARTA, short for Quentinsburgh Urban Area Rapid Transit Authority. Historically, QUARTA only ran the metro system and FCTA, or Freedemian Capital Transit Authority, ran the bus system. In 1982 both combined to create the modern QUARTA system. The modern system includes buses, a metro system, a small commuter rail network and more recently, bus rapid transit in the eastern part of the Quentinsburgh area.



Quentinsburgh is home to several Unionways and three airports, Sean Bond International Airport (WAAT: SBD), a large intercontinental airport within Quentinsburgh, Walter Sanderson International Airport, a new smaller international airport being built in neighboring Mathersboro that handles mainly cargo flights, and Horizon Regional Airport, a smaller airport currently not used much, but built to help as the area surrounding Quentinsburgh grows in population.

Intercity Bus and Rail

Quentinsburgh is also connected to several other Freedemian cities by FreedemiRail rail service and Greenleaf Bus Lines intercity bus service.

Highways (Unionways)

Being the main hub for the country, many major Unionways, Motorways and other highways go through or end in Quentinsburgh. Unionways  U-2 ,  U-4 ,  U-7 ,  U-10  and  U-12  all connect Quentinsburgh with surrounding cities to the north, south and east. Major connections lead to Laneston/Vandover and Nature in the north, Trenchent and San Grande to the south east, Franklinsburgh and Anneitasburgh to the east and Graham City and Narghana to the south.

Major Universities

Quentinsburgh is home to many top notch Fern-league schools, such as:

The area is also home to smaller colleges outside of Quentinsburgh itself, such as Mathers Community College.

Prominent Architecture

Residential Architecture

Apartment buildings like the one pictured are common throughout Quentinsburgh, especially along major corridors in the city.

Quentinsburgh is known mainly for its townhomes and dense tall apartment buildings.

Considering the large population in a smaller area, it's somewhat rare to find individual houses, especially closer to downtown. Townhomes are a very popular style because they provide a more home-like living experience but take up less space than traditional sprawling subdivisions would. Traditional style townhomes tend to be 2 or 3 stories tall. Some Freedemian-style townhome buildings are actually 4-6 stories tall, with townhomes on top of other townhomes, with what would have been another unit in between used as a staircase/elevator space instead, often giving buildings the capability to increase the amount of units by 25-100%. (ex. a 9 unit traditional could be built Freedemian style to house 12 or 18 units instead if 4 or 6 stories respectively.) There are apartment buildings set up like this as well, but the Freedemian Townhome is designed to attempt to preserve the townhome style and feel on all floors. These tend to range across all income levels.

Large apartment buildings are also very common in Quentinsburgh. Driving down a major corridor like Bond Blvd, Christian Pkwy or Capitol Blvd, it is not unusual to see rows of 6 to 10 story apartment buildings lining the streets. Many complexes and/or buildings have a small convenience store inside for residents, although it depends on the neighborhood and the size of the buildings.

Office Architecture

Office buildings along Hayes St.

Similarly to the Residential Architecture, Tall office buildings, built very similar to the apartment buildings, often line the same streets, sometimes mixed in with the residential buildings.

Sidewalks and Pedestrian Streets

Quentinsburgh takes pride in being one of the most walkable cities its size in the world. There are sidewalks and crosswalks all through the city, making it easy to walk where you need to go. Pedestrian streets also abound, making walking enjoyable.

2016 Summer Geolympiad

Quentinsburgh will be hosting the 2016 Summer Geolympiad. Quentinsburgh had entered a bid for the 2016 Geolympiad. See Quentinsburgh 2016 Summer Geolympiad Proposal. Quentinsburgh is currently in the midst of preparing for the event.