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Quick Chicken is a fast-food chain specialising in Fried Chicken. It was founded in 1971 by Clifton Quick in Limannisboro, Central Coast, Rhododactylia.


In the 60s, Quick had been a regular, customer of a local fried chicken establishment in his hometown Limannisboro. However, that establishment was bought over by a local corporation Rhodo Food and Co, and soon the food quality took a nosedive to the point where Mr Quick considered its fried chicken barely edible and felt it was an outrageous price to pay for. With some of his friends, one who is a chicken farmer and another a former manager of a fried chicken restaurant, they banded together during the latter half of 1970 through the early spring of 1971 to study on the fast-food business, specifically fried chicken, by reading books at the local library, touring other chicken outlets and farm and conducting surveys on food and demand.

The group managed to secure a business loan in March 1971 through a deal with some businessmen from Kuehong in April 1971 and opened the doors of the first Quick Chicken at 3 East 1st Avenue South in Limannisboro on April 1 1971. The new restaurant, Quick and Friends, became very popular as it was viewed as a better alternative to other fried chicken restaurants in the vicinity. However, due to manpower problems, rental costs and a smear campaign by some who opposed it, it struggled to keep the business. It only managed to open its second branch in a major city Frogtown in 1981. By then, Quick died.

His son, Kaelan Quick, decided to set out more ambitious plans for the franchise, including opening its first overseas branch within five years. While many dismissed his goals as delusional and unrealistic, Quick was undeterred. With his business degree and thorough knowledge of the market, he managed to keep the business thriving and eventually opened five more branches in 1983, including one in the capital. With further engagement with the Kuehongese investors, it later managed to open one of its first international branches in Kuehong in 1984, and has since expanded rapidly overseas.



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List of Quick Chicken international branches
Store/Map Name City Country Note
OGFmapicon.png map Quick Chicken Viejo Tárrases Tárrases
OGFmapicon.png map Quick Chicken Milham Glaster
OGFmapicon.png map Quick Chicken Alhmarkha'ad Elhadia
OGFmapicon.png map Quick Chicken Blöndel Bloregia
OGFmapicon.png map Quick Chicken Blöndel Bloregia
OGFmapicon.png map Quick Chicken Erilyn City Esthyra
OGFmapicon.png map Quick Chicken Norfield Nordmark
OGFmapicon.png map Quick Chicken Vang Ngat Kuehong
OGFmapicon.png map Quick Chicken Giliarca Gardensa
OGFmapicon.png map Quick Chicken Vang Ngat Kuehong
OGFmapicon.png map Quick Chicken Vang Ngat Kuehong