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QuinTech is a now-defunct large technology and computer company based in Quentinsburgh, Freedemia. Founded in 1973 and once a market leader (at least within Freedemia) known for desktop computing and related software, the growth of international competition and failed attempts to move into mobile would eventually lead to QuinTech's demise.

The last logo of QuinTech
FounderMellissa Gatlin, Ben Gatlin
HeadquartersQuentinsburgh, FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia
Area Served worldwide
  • QuinOS
  • QuinTab
  • QuinPhone
  • QuinPhab
Service(s)online services
 web browsing
 word processing, etc
SuccessorStepstone Technology
  • QuinTech.fr
  • QuinOS.fr


QuinTech is famous for creating one of the earliest personal computers, although they were more responsible for the software. QuinOS 1.2 was the first operating system to hit the market within Freedemia, and even today, QuinOS Pristine (released in 2007) is one of the most used systems in the country, largely by those who don't want to or can't afford to upgrade to a new computer.

  • QuinOS 1.2
  • QuinOS 2.0
  • QuinOS 3.5
  • QuinOS 99
  • QuinOS Genesis
  • QuinOS NextStep
  • QuinOS Pristine
  • QuinOS PristineGo- Operating system for QuinTech's new mobile devices released in 2014.
  • QuinPad- Newly released tablet
  • QuinPhone- Newly released phone
  • QuinPhab- Newly released phablet

New Devices, and moves into Mobile

In 2010, facing an increasing loss of market share from Stepstone Technology and other international companies like Colour, QuinTech created Project Hardware, a project that was at the time largely secret. In 2014, they launched new laptops and desktops built by QuinTech, as well as a new mobile operating system, PristineGo, and new tablets, phones, and phablets. They expected it would take a while for the new devices to catch on, but largely put full investment into it.

Unfortunately, the products, though not terrible themselves, largely failed to catch on in the market against superior competition, and trying to make their own hardware largely sent QuinTech into deep debt.

Merger with Stepstone (or more accurately, buyout)

On September 3rd, 2015, QuinTech finally went out of business, getting bought out by Stepstone Technology. Stepstone originally had planned to work to make modern StepStone devices compatible, but this would prove mostly unnecessary for most, who either upgraded completely or refused to pay to upgrade to StepstoneOS. StepStone released some final updates for QuinOS Pristine and PristineGo in January 2019, and discontinued support for the systems. However, they also created a buyback program where owners of the newest QuinTech devices can trade in for 25% credit towards a StepStone equivalent until January 2020.

Open Source

In November 2018, Stepstone Technology would make QuinOS operating systems from 1.2 to Genesis open source and release the code publicly for free to allow others to build off the base to create their own QuinOS-based systems. One such popular system, Quailos, was made by some former QuinTech developers and has increased in popularity among preservation groups and groups trying to increase computer access worldwide for as cheap as possible.