Ríce Fæsting Tilung

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The Ríce Fæsting Tilung (RFT) (Ingerish: National Trust for Culture) is a cultural organisation based in Dunwic, Myrcia. It owns and administers many of Myrcia's most famous and historic cultural properties as well as a number of art galleries and museums. It is also a strong advocate for the promotion of heritage and culture both domestically and internationally. It is responsible for the administration of a number of Ulethan Alliance for Culture programmes in Myrcia including the Ulethan Heritage Site and Ulethan Cultural Route schemes.




Remains of the C13 fort at the Signálfórt

The Signálfórt (OGFmapicon.png map) is the most westerly fort along the Albanweall near St Alfæd. It was constructed in the 1270s as one of several forts along the wall which divided the kingdoms of Myrcia and Vestjord until their unification in 1403. After unification the fort was abandoned and it wasn't until the mid-19th century that the foundations were uncovered by archaeologists. The current site includes the foundation walls of the main fort and auxiliary buildings. A new visitor centre with a museum about the wall opened on the site in 2009.