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RT-Metro is the transit authority for the city of Gobras City and is wholly owned by the city authorities. RT-Metro consists of the Gobras City Subway, suburban Main Line trains, Connex light rail, RT-Ferry, and the GoBus system. RT-Metro also manages the licensing of taxi and private coach services that serve the city.


RT-Metro was formally created in [year] to create a co-ordinated transit authority for Gobras City.


RTM's CEO is [].

RT-Metro Subway

See main article: Gobras City Metro

Out of date system map

The RT-Metro subway system currently consists of 8 lines, plus light rail line 9 which is included as it has a larger loading gauge than the rest of the LR system and is mostly on its own right of way. All lines except 4 and 6 pass through Kilometer Square, which is highlighted in bold.

Line number Southern/western terminus Route Northern/eastern terminus Role
1 Keena GSWX - Lamme - Kilometer Square - Vlanagrooi - Gillkenny South Obenaai Radial
GSWX Lamme - Kilometer Square - Vlanagrooi - Gillkenny Enalee Radial
2 West Meadows Yuiona - Kilometer Square - Quayleeplan Raceway Radial
3 GSWX Kilometer Square - Front - Obenaai Center Obenaai Beach Radial
International World Port Nether Hampton - Kilometer Square Obenaai Center Radial (Express)
4 GSWX Isaulk - Quayleeplan - UGGC Polahashee Grand (on Kilometer Square) Crosstown - radial
5 Soran Enalee - SkyPoint - UGGC Polahashee Grand (on Kilometer Square) Radial
6 Avawoon Quayele - Capitol Meadows - Econow Olympic Lake Crosstown
7 Isaulk - Broad Meadows Capitol Meadows - Keir - Kilometer Square - Olympic Lake - Vaarbentar Lhatgha Junction Radial
GSWX Lhatvohg - Cele - Keir - Kilometer Square Olympic Lake Radial - crosstown
8 Isyee Asraluu - Jaspee - Kilometer Square - Monuwali Fort Anah Radial

Light Rail

Connex is Gobras City's integrated light rail system, which operates primarily on the roads with short sections of separated tracks. The system is made up of two parts, the lines around Kilometer square and those around Fort Anah, connected by subway line 9.

Line number Southern/western terminus Route Northern/eastern terminus Role
A Obenaai Center Rochambeau Attikai Fields - Orlans Creek Park - Panarivu Northern branch
Attikai Southern branch
E West Meadows Broken Palmers - Neetaukeit Avawoon
F (heritage tram) Cape Adomon Fort Anah Fort Anah - Old Port
G (heritage tram) Assembly Financial District - Gohantown - Commercia Gallitanie Heritage tram on Gallitania Avenue.
K loop Central Station - Polahashee Grand - Assembly loop Kilometer Square loop.
N Napstowe Santa Ruda - Brassard - Fort Anah Fort Anah Point Tram line
Q Uroobai - Lamong & Ormeo Quayleeplan - Gobras City Zoo - Keir Kilometer Square Main line from south.
S Kilometer Square Rocktown - Pier - Ooquabar Gohantown Main line from north.
W Setherway Chessepeake - Caniappie - Fort Anah Fort Anah - Old Point Local connector line.

There are also other independently run light rail systems in Obenaai, West Meadows, Enalee, Sanavir, Arena, and Sky Point.

Gobras City Main Line

Gobras City Main Line trains provide suburban commuter rail service to City Depot, Pohalashee Grand, and GSWX Stations. As part of the Gobrassanya National Rail network, the Main Line shares tracks, stations, and maintenance facilities with Regional Rail and GoHSR high speed trains.


F Line

The Gobras City to Port Anah ferry runs from Laguna Square, linking with Subway 2 & 3, on the Bosco River to Old Port, Fort Anah. It is a non-stop service.


Route neighborhoods

  • 1-49 - Downtown and Mainline routes
  • 50-99 - Inner Suburban and Mainline routes
  • 100-199 - Neighborhoods 1-10, 24-27, 42-45, 56-58
  • 200-299 - Neighborhoods 18-23, 35-40, 50-53, 63-67, 79
  • 300-399 - Neighborhoods 70-77, 87-92, 101-104, 111-113
  • 400-499 - Neighborhoods 78-82, 92-96, 104-107, 114-117
  • 500-599 - Neighborhoods 19, 23, 37, 41, 53-55, 67-69 and Eastern (and northeastern neighborhoods)
  • 600-699 - Neighborhoods 82-86, 96-100, 107-110, 118-119
  • 700-999 - Neighborhoods south of Bangerter Highway

Route Descriptions

Routes 1-49

Routes 50-99

Routes 100-199

Routes 200-299

Routes 300-399

  • Route 399 - WorldPortBus - GWP Ground Transportation Center ↔ GWP General Aviation Terminal ↔ GWP ULEX & New World International Cargo ↔ GWP Mail Sort Facility

Routes 400-499

Routes 500-599

Routes 600-699

  • Route 601 - Enalee Circuit - Route travels from the RT-Metro station at Enalee and serves the Enalee Town Center and Enalee Tower Malls, it also serves the corporate tower buildings and residential towers located within core of the Enalee neighborhood.

Routes 700-999