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Raadio ja Televisioon Karolia known as RTK, is the state broadcaster of Karolia. It operates four television channels and five radio stations nationally, and also maintains a large news and features website at rtk.ka.



Channel 1 broadcasts entertainment, drama, comedy and news bulletins. There are also some sports broadcasts.

Noted programmes include:

  • Karolia Evening News (at 7pm)
  • Saturday Liiga


Channel 2 is for more serious drama, documentaries, current affairs and films.

Noted programmes include:

  • Film Review
  • Today's Debate


Channel 3 broadcasts children's television during the day and programming for young adults in the evening.


Channel 4 is the cultural channel, featuring arts, history and broadcasts of classical, jazz and folk music, as well as factual, science and academic programming.


National stations

  • Raadio 1 is for MOR pop and rock, and also news, debate and talk shows
  • Raadio 2 is aimed at a younger audience and plays chart and underground music
  • Raadio 3 plays classical and jazz and music documentaries and features
  • Raadio 4 is for drama, debate, and factual programmes
  • Raadio 5 is for sport and sports debate
  • RTK Folk is for folk and traditional music

Regional stations

  • RTK Kapitaal - local radio for the capital region of Karolia
  • RTK Vasireii - For the Vasireii area
  • RTK Lapise - For the Lapise area
  • RTK Kanton - For the Kanton and Upper Majos area
  • RTK Majos - For Torjasmaa and Majoslinnamae
  • RTK Taamras - For the Taamras regions
  • RTK Fontjana - For the south-west coast regions
  • RTK Kyor - Kyori-language for the Kyor region
  • RTK Romans - Romans-language broadcasts

RTK International consists of three web-based stations broadcasting in Karolian, Romans and Kyori.


[www.rtk.ka] is a news and current-affairs site.