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The Class 21 family is a set of railway wagons in use in Karolia. They are all used for sleeper train services on RVK's Oo-Ekspress services.

The units are identical and length, profile and door configuration to Class 44 cars. They have a single door on each side at one end only and six-wheel bogies.

Class 210

A Class 210 car with sleeping compartments in RVK Night Express colours

The Class 210 is configured for the sleeping car, with a corridor, ten 3-berth compartments on one side (and smaller windows) and a bathroom at one end. The other side has a corridor. Each compartment has a washbasin unit and can be converted to day seating.

Class 211

Class 211 is built with six 6-berth couchette compartments and a toilet (no shower).

Class 212

Class 212 is configured with 62 sleeper seats and a toilet and luggage compartment.

Rolling stock of RVK-KSF