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11, 49.9523, 50.0166
Duchy of Raggleneth
CountryKingdom of Pretany
 • RegionAt the 4-corners of Westwall, Mountain Gate, Trinity, Barsas
Raggleneth from Winhlem Lake
Ethnic Groups
Pretanics(98%), Other (2%)
NationalitiesPretanic(98%), Dagelandics(1%), Inarans(.5%), Other (.5%)
 • Estimate (2014)2,190,000
 • Density1,435/km2
Tram8 lines

Raggleneth, formally known as the Duchy of Raggleneth, is one of three vestige royal duchy city-states within the Kingdom of Pretany, the other being the Duchy of Port Emporia and the Duchy of St. Richards. It is also the 5th largest city in Pretany with a population of 2,190,000, and has the highest population density in Pretany with over 7,000 people per sqkm.


The city of Raggleneth, home of the Dukes of Rag of The Petty Kingdoms of Pretany was first recorded as a bustling hunting tribal village of nearly 3,000 people, named in 770AD, during the trade route migrations by Sathrian and Kalmish traders. It is one of the oldest cities in Pretany, with continuous documented history since the 4th century AD. The village was well known as a way-point in the Pretanic landscape when the Great works of Palast was written. The city continued to thrive after a hostile takeover by the Antigo tribe sometime in the mid 6th century, and then became part of the Inaran Nation in 840AD.