Rainbow's End

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11, -33.0274, -136.4571
Rainbow's End
Official languagesIngerish
 • Head of Nation
 • First Minister(IND)
 • Estimate225 745
CurrencyRainbow's End Sovereign
(≈4.88 USD) (AOC)
Rainbow's End
LocationEast Ardentic Ocean
Coordinates33.0274°S 136.4571°W
Area937.41 km²
361.93 sq mi
Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa
NationsAorangëa Rainbow's End flag.svg Rainbow's End
Pop. density240.82/km2 (623.72/sq mi)
The island Rainbow's End or Rua n'Erāra, is an Aorangēan island off the western coast of Pelanesia. It is named after a natural phenomenon present on the day of its discovery. The Overseas Territory of Rainbow's End Island consists of the island itself and some minor islands off its coast. Despite named as territory, it is a fully integrated nation of Aorangēa. The oldest settlement is Harborough, while Port Geddington is the biggest settlement now.


The name dates back to the circumstances of the discovery. After weeks of rain and fog the weather cleared and the island apperad at one end of the rainbow seen on that occasion. It is also claimed to be named for marketing purposes to lure settlers expecting a pot of gold. In fact, most colonists found a tropical hell which could only be tamed in the 19th century.


Port Geddington, Aorangëa Rainbow's End flag.svg Rainbow's End

The eastern half of the island is dominated by an inactive volcano, whereas the western half and the southern coast are mostly flat. The lagoon of M'Oarua is located South of Port Geddington and is a famous tourist destination. The north western coast around Brewer's Pond is equally favoured by tourists.


Rainbow's End was bought by the colonial administration of Anglesbury in the early 19th century and therefore was part of the Anglesbury colony and only became its own nation when Aorangēa was founded.

Rainbow's End is the only part of Aorangēa, which has decimalised its currency in 1985. It kept the sovereign worth 60 pence which was now worth 100 cent. That means 3 pence are worth 5 cent and it mostly stays compatible to the other currencies. It was originally planned to roll out these changes onto the other nations but the proposal has been stuck in parliament ever since.


There is a ferry connection to the mainland taking four nights and served up to thrice per fortnight. The Blueberry Hill airport offers connections to the mainland and to other international destinations.

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