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12, --42.7104, 148.4748
Ramani, Taviani
CountryFederal States
 • StateTaviani
NationalitiesArchantans (54%), Other (46%)
 • CommissionerShaylani Martin
 • Deputy CommissionerJ. Derek Sayang
 • Total
 • Estimate (2019)2,108,973
 • Census (2015)2,005,807

The City of Ramani (Madinat Ramani/مادينات راماني in Jalayan, Ville de Ramani in Franquese) is the largest and capital city in Taviani, Federal States. As of the 2015 census, the population was 2,108,973. The [[Ramani Metropolitan Area has a population of _ million, is the largest in Taviani and the _ largest in the Federal Sttates. It also serves as the seat of Jalaya County. It is situated near the easternmost point of the Unnamed Great Lake at the mouth of the Jalaya River.

Urban Structure

The City of Ramani is divided into prefectures, districts, communities, and neighborhoods.


Before Ingerish colonization, the Jalayan people who lived in what is now Ramani were mostly the Pantai, Tasik, and Pulau tribes. Mainland Ramani was settled first by the Tasik tribe in 3500 BCE. The Pantai tribe came east from the southern end of the La'akea River to what is today Havalynn Prefecture in Ramani in 3200 BCE, and finally the Pantai coming west from what is today Yasmin in 2900 BCE. The city was given the name because it means "joyful" as a way to describe the pleasant atmosphere and culture of friendliness. It was mostly a fishing and trade city that exploded in population over time. By the time the Ingerish arrived in 1701, the population of Ramani was 255,000. It served as the capital of the Taviani colony, and after becoming a state in 1790, Ramani still served as the capital of Taviani.


Ramani sits on one of the Unnamed Great Lakes and is at the mouth of the Jalaya River. It also has several outlying islands including Lackey Island and Amayia Island. It is the southernmost major city in the Federal States]]. Its southeastern portion is at the mouth of the Zhukovsky River and its western border is near the La'akea River.


Ramani has numerous sports teams. For football, they have the Ramani Raiders based in Myniah Heights. Their soccer team is the Ramani Cheetahs based in Yasmin. Their basketball team is the Ramani Comets based in town. Their basetball team is the Ramani Astros based in Sharpersville. Their rugby team is the Ramani Mavericks based in East Marlton. Their hockey team is the Ramani Snowflakes based in Mordecai. Many other unofficial teams exist in Ramani as sports was always a part of their culture.




Human Resources



Congestive Tolling

Fee Scales

Rail+Estate Initiative


Environmental impact reduction

Water purity and availability

Air Quality

Environmentalist Revitalization

Urban Foresty and Reforestation Area Projects

Government and Politics

Ramani is governed under a city council led by a commissioner and their deputy commissioner. Shaylani Martin, elected in 2010, was the city's first openly LGBT commissioner although they had their first openly LGBT deputy commissioner in 1980. Ramani as well as the rest of Jalaya County tend to vote for left-wing candidates in elections and have done so since 1948. Generally, Jalaya County dominates the state in elections.


The violent crime rate in Ramani is around _ per every 100,000 people as of 2019. However, the property crime rate is much higher at _ per every 100,000 people. This is slightly up from 2018 but the crime rate is trending downward. Most of the crime is in Zablau Prefecture and North Havalynn Prefecture.Lajae Prefecture has the highest increase of crime of any prefecture. The Ramani Police Department has been criticized for not appropriately addressing some of the crime that takes place. Although ranked as one of the least corrupt police forces in the nation, the way it addressed some of the issues in the city. However, as the 2020 elections approach, several left-wing candidates for Sheriff of Jalaya County have many strategies for how to address the issues. Generally, the central and northern portions of the city are the least safe while the eastern portion and downtown are the most safe.

LGBT Community

Ramani is a thriving city for members of the LGBT community and is home to PrideFest, a world remowned LGBT pride event that includes music, murals, and a march from Carissa Seventh-Day Adventist Church to Makayla Z. Sayang International Airport on the last day where a massive airshow is held. Several sources list Ramani as the most LGBT friendly city in the world. Jalaya County was the first county in the state to legalize same-sex marriage, doing so in 1954 following the Perri County Massacre.

Notable People