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Reagan Constantine (born 1976, Gobras City) is a Gobrassanyan politician, currently the councilmember representing Ward 14 in the Gobras City council.

Background and Family

Like most Gobrassanyans, Constantine is of mixed ethnic heritage. Her maternal grandfather was the noted Lawrence K. Kim, one of the most influential members of the Gobras City Gohangukian community, active in politics and business, while her paternal grandmother, Jessica Flint, had been an up-and-coming and very talented opera singer from the Wiwaxian city of Cape Angkatell before she eloped with a Taran sailor, Chomsky Jack Constantine, whom she met in a waterfront karaoke bar while on international tour in Khaiwoon. That couple eventually settled in Gobras City in Ooquabar Flats, near the Ormond Fagundes Union Hall, and Constantine worked in construction while Flint struggled with mental illness.

Dylan Constantine, Reagan Constantine's father, worked in and is currently co-owner of a shoe store business on Gallitania Avenue, Tejia Shoes. Her mother Elspeth Kim Constantine was a councilmember for their home area in the 1980s, before she decided return to her career as a teacher, having retired in 2004 from Langston Smoot Elementary where she taught the 5th grade.

Education and Career

After growing up in Gohantown, attending the middle school named for her grandfather and Horton Hu High School, Constantine ended up studying abroad in Kalm, receiving a degree in paleontology in 1999 from Johann-Kropwitz-Universität in Tarott. Constantine is fluent in Ingerish and Gohangukian, is professionally functional in Kalmish and can also communicate more-or-less effectively in Aloran.

She returned to Gobras City and in 2000 took the civil-services examination, successfully. She began working for Gobras City government the following year, where she worked until 2010. She decided to run for city council at the urging of the retiring councilmember with whom she had been working, given she had a well-known name in local politics. She ran almost unopposed and became councilmember in 2011.

Political Affiliation and Platform

Nominally, Gobras City councilmembers are non-partisan, but Reagan Constantine is clearly farther left than her mother or grandfather had been, and campaigned on environmental issues especially related to pollution in the Water of Lemme. Nevertheless she is also seen as quite pro-business.

Tax Break Scandal

Constantine was embroiled in some scandal in 2013 when she sponsored legislation to grant tax breaks to Ward 14 businesses, including her uncle's (Kim's Gohan-Global Import and Export) and father's. She has gone on record as saying she was in no way trying to get favor for her relatives' specific businesses, but was merely trying to benefit the business community as a whole. Most in the district have seen it as a mistake of youthful inexperience and some naivity about politics rather than genuine corruption.