Red Palace

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The Red Palace (Sanain: Bodyoki Palãsy) is a museum and former royal palace in the 4th District of Nevensad, Sãikyel to the right of the Uletha Boulevard axis. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, and is the largest museum in Sãikyel. In 1990, it was made a Ulethan Heritage Site, 27 years before Sãikyel joined the UAC.

Built in the 18th century for King Saaret I of the Principality of Nevensad, it was converted into a museum after extensive damage during the Sanain War and the unification of Sãikyel. Its razed northeastern wing is now the Sentubrit Gallery.

The Red Palace is positioned at the intersection of seven thoroughfares, and sits positioned slightly off of the major Uletha Boulevard axis that leads to the Uletha Monument in the north.


On the roof of the Red Palace are positioned three monumental domes: Dom Zazan, named after the bay in the Glynian Sea; Dom Turpisy, named after the Turpis River; and Dom Glynia, named after the Glynian Sea. Visitors can take spiral staircases to the tops of the domes, crowned with statues depicting the landmarks, which offer panoramic views of the city.